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Relaunching Europe Debate: New Ideas Out of the Crisis

Date: 23 January 2014
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece, 18:30
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23 January, 2014 - Apothikes (Thessaloniki Harbour) – Warehouse C, GREECE


On 23 January 2014, Relaunching Europe is heading to Thessaloniki to discuss with you the best ways to get Greece out of the crisis and launch the country on the path to more jobs, growth and progress for all.

For many years now, Greeks have suffered from the harsh austerity imposed on them by the Troika. The economic and social consequences of the ultra-conservative dogma have been devastating for millions of Greeks who have lost their jobs and cannot benefit from the most basic public services including education and health due to unreasonable cuts.

What is the way out of the crisis? How can Greece best invest in its people and in the economy? Are we doing enough to support innovation and local entrepreneurs? What role should Europe play?

Your opinion is all that matters! So make sure to join the debate in Thessaloniki or online to exchange views with inspirational speakers, leading experts, academics, politicians and citizens just like you.

We’ll have the pleasure to welcome Prokopis DOUKAS as the moderator of this great evening of discussion.

Everyone is welcome to this free event. For organizational purposes, we kindly ask that you register for the event. The debate will be followed by a cocktail and a get-together.

Speakers in the debate include:

  • Hannes SWOBODA // President, S&D Group

  • Evangelos VENIZELOS // President, Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK)

  • Yannis BOUTARIS // Mayor of Thessaloniki

  • Sylvana RAPTI // Member of the European Parliament

  • Liem HOANG NGOC // Member of the European Parliament

  • Susana DIAZ // President of Junta de Andalucia, Secretary General of PSOE-Andalucia

More speakers to be announced.

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