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EU Funding and Programmes for Romanian Organisations

Date: 22 May 2012 - 23 May 2012
Location: Hotel Novotel Bucharest City Centre, 09:00 - 17:00
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Europa Media is launching a two-day practical seminar in Bucharest, Romania on the subject of EU funding and programme management. This seminar provides participants with practical know-how to successfully participate in EU-funded projects. Experienced project managers and evaluators of the Structural Funds, CIP and FP7, will provide tools and tips to guide the development and submission of competitive proposals.

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Place & Date

22-23 May 2012 - Bucharest, Romania - Novotel City Centre

Draft Agenda

Lectures on the first day are followed by hands-on workshops on project proposal development and role-play exercises on the evaluation of proposals.


I. Overview, introduction, comparison

  • Comparison between Structural Funds (SF) and Community Programmes
  • Structural Funds - prespectives; what is in the pipeline?
  • Introduction to Community Programmes - Focus: FP7 & CIP

II. Structural Funds

  • Practical Guide to applying for SF programmes
  • Cooperation and partnership with EU Member States
  • Understanding the evaluation procedure
  • All about financial issues in SF projects

III. FP7 and CIP

  • Road to success in preparing competitive project proposals
  • The Evaluator’s Perspective on FP7 and CIP proposals
  • Financial aspects of the Seventh Framework Programme
  • Quick Guide to Information Sources

Day 2 - Practical Workshops

I. Morning Session

You will be divided into small groups where you will solve a quiz and discuss the pre-filled parts of a proposal.

The workshop leader, an evaluator, will explain how the given sections can be improved.

  • A clear project idea (within call scope, duration, budget, tasks, etc)
  • A preliminary work plan and work-flow
  • A complementary consortium where the tasks are appropriately divided
  • The expected project results (Deliverables, outputs)
  • A list of the resources needed (staff effort, costs, durables, etc.)
  • A preliminary project budget

II. Afternoon Session

You will receive an FP7 proposal and get a chance to practice the evaluation process.

  • Individual evaluation of an FP7 proposal
  • Consensus meeting
  • Final ranking and conclusion of evaluation session

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