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7th World Water Forum: Enhancing Education and Capacity Building

Date: 15 April 2015 - 17 April 2015
Location: Daegu, South Korea, 11:00-14:00
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15-17 April, 2015 - Daegu Exco, South Korea.


The « Rabat Declaration », reminds the importance of professional capacity building of the personnel in the water sector in the national strategies for promoting access to water for everyone and for improving water and sanitation services.

It was adopted, on December 12th of 2009 by the Bureau of the International Network of Water Training Centres, at the home office of the International Water and Sanitation Institute of ONEP in Rabat - Morocco.

The Declaration of Rabat can be downloaded on the INWTC website.

Why an International Network of Water Training Centres?

To achieve the Millennium Goals aiming at improving drinking water supply service to the populations and at better access to the sanitation service, unprecedented efforts are made by the Authorities in charge of these sectors in many developing countries. Thus very significant investments are made every year for the reinforcement and extension of hydraulic infrastructures.

At the same time, these Authorities find more and more that the results of these efforts are often reduced by weaknesses in the management of water and sanitation utilities, and first of all by insufficiencies in the operation and maintenance of hydraulic works. In fact, the success of the national strategies is strongly conditioned by the qualifications and professional skills of the personnel in charge of the daily implementation of these activities in the field.

For better facing these challenges, the various water training stakeholders and partners thought that it was necessary and appropriate to gather in a Network in order to revitalize and reinforce the vocational training of the personnel of the sector, while modernizing with a logic of sustainable and lasting development. The International Network of Water Training Centres (INWTC) is in line with this logic.


  • Session 4.5.6 - Wednesday 15 April, 11:20-13:20 - DEC-312 - 3F - Room 325BD - Daegu Exco

Captivating the attention of the global population on water issues with innovative tools

  • Session 4.5.3 - Wednesday 15 April, 14:40-16:40 - DEC-307 - 3F - Room 321 - Daegu Exco

Ensuring sustainability of water infrastructures by investing in Water Training Centres: It pays back!

  • Session 4.5.5 - Thursday 16 April, 9:00-11:00 - DEC-308 - 3F - Room 322 - Daegu Exco

Water Education for Leaders on safe water and environment

  • Session 4.5.1 - Thursday 16 April, 11:20-13:20 - DEC-312 - 3F - Room 325BD - Daegu Exco

Water Education and Capacity Building: Key for Water Security and Sustainable Development

  • Session 4.5.4 - Thursday 16 April, 14:40-16:40 - DEC-307 - 3F - Room 321 - Daegu Exco

Facing the changes in due time: Specific training for basin organizations

  • Session 4.5.2 - Thursday 16 April, 17:00-19:00 - DEC-311 - 3F - Room 325AC - Daegu Exco

Financing water professional training to develop competencies: A fruitful economic strategy for water utilities!

  • Concluding session 4.5 - Friday 17 April, 11:20-13:20 - DEC-310 - 3F - Room 324 - Daegu Exco

Enhancing Education and Capacity Building.


Thursday 16 April, 10:00-11:30 - "French Pavilion". Training and capacity building for water professionals.


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