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FP7 Financial Reporting & Audits Training

Date: 23 February 2012
Location: Budapest,Hungary, 09.00-17.00
Website: Visit website

This one day intensive course covers all about the requirements and practicalities of financial and technical reporting, financial audits and technical reviews of EC projects. The training course will be held at the Novotel Budapest Danube in Budapest, Hungary on February 23, 2012.

The FP7 Financial Reporting & Audit Course helps you to understand and interpret the financial rules to facilitate the management of your projects. Our training concept builds on a learning by doing approach with a mix of lectures and practical workshops in smaller groups. Participation will help you:

  • Interpret the financial rules
  • Avoid financial mismanagement
  • Cooperate with the auditors

Draft Agenda

Financial Rules of FP7

The new financial rules for FP7 project management including cost models, EC payments, Financial Guarantee Fund, Certificates on Financial Statements, Certificate on Methodology, and Certificate on Average Personnel Costs.

Eligible Direct Costs and indirect Costs in FP7

Calculation of Personnel costs, Travel costs, Equipment, Other costs, and Overhead based on practical examples. Special cases of third party, in-house consultant, SME owners.

Workshop: Reporting

Participants prepare a financial report for FP7, based on "dummy" invoices.

Understanding Financial Reports

Pragmatic approaches in reporting; Point-by-point assessment of the prepared financial reports, format, content, overall principles, possible bottlenecks.

EC Audits and Experiences

The Proposers' Perspective: Pragmatic approaches in reporting, final reporting,

Experiences with EC Audits: how to prepare, format, content, overall principles, possible bottlenecks.

For more information, please check the training website.

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