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Global Marketing Competition 2015 - Free Participation for Students

Date: 13 May 2015
Location: Madrid, Spain
Website: Visit website


ESIC in collaboration with Santander and EFMD are running the 20th world edition of the Global Marketing Competition.

The Competition is an advanced computer simulation of a real life business environment.

Although marketing in nature, the game requires the players to take decisions in all the areas of managing a company, from production and logistics, through research, investment and finance to advertising, promotion and distribution.

The competition is open to teams from across the world and it is free for all students to take part. We would be delighted to see your organization participating in an initiative which aims at strengthening the links between the academic and business communities across all borders.

Find out how your school and students can take part here:

  • 20th Edition

  • 81 Participating Countries

  • 55 000 Students from more than 860 Universities and Schools of Business from 5 Continents

  • 2 000 Companies

  • 17 000 Euros in Prizes

Competition Format

Teams with 2 or 3 participants + 1 professor (optional). The competition is divided into 4 phases: 
the first 3 are on-line
 (initial phase-knockout; quarterfinals, semifinals) and last 2 months + a final on-site phase (grand final in Madrid), that lasts 1 intensive day. 

What will you have to do during the competition?

  • You will have to make strategic decisions across all areas of the company that you will establish,demostrating your know-how..

  • First of all, you will have to study market conditions and decide on what type of company you want(Premium, Generalist, Low Cost, Hybrid, etc).

  • You will compete in a market consisting of 6 companies -including yours- from anywhere in the world (Simulation Phases).

  • Each company will have to prepare a management plan covering a one-year period into the future, starting from the same situation (Balance Sheet) and with the same data (Scenario).

  • You will have to enter your decisions in the GMKC Simulator.

  • Once the deadline has expired, the tool will process all the information and provide the results..

  • At that point, you may study the said results and act accordingly, repeating the process week after week..

Classification Criteria

  • Each phase will start with zero profits.

  • The classification system is based on accumulated profits, which corresponds to the sum of profits during each phase.

  • The team that generates the highest accumulated profit will be classified as first.

  • The classification continues in order of highest to lowest, to the team that has obtained the lowest profit accumulated in each phase.

Register Now - Free for all students - the closing date for entries is the May 13th.

Find out more by visiting our website or the event Facebook fanpage and follow the competition on Twitter.

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