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Business Education Jam: Envisioning the Future

Date: 30 September 2014 - 02 October 2014
Location: Worldwide
Website: Visit website


It is a 60-hour virtual event occurring from September 30 – October 2, 2014, WORLDWIDE.


The world is rapidly changing and so is the role of business education. To envision its future, there must be a transformative conversation with broad participation: business schools, scholars, faculty, students, employers, executives, and thought leaders.

As a catalyst for innovative solutions and the international promotion of excellence in management development, EFMD is pleased to be a collaborator as Boston University School of Management and leading sponsors launch the Business Education Jam: Envisioning the Future.

This is not the usual one-way panel discussion. It is a worldwide brainstorm like never before and we need you to participate. A 60-hour virtual event occurring from September 30 – October 2, 2014, the Jam is unprecedented in the history of higher education. Focused on 10 key areas:

  • Supporting 21st Century Competencies: How can academia and industry collaborate to identify and support the development of critical competencies?

  • Increasing the Value of Management Education: How can management education programs enhance value for students, employers, and industry?

  • Engaging New-Generation Students & Employees: How will industry and business education tap the unlimited potential of millennials?

  • Cultivating Research Relevance & Rigor: How will management research drive insights for industry best practices?

  • Fostering Ethical Leadership: How can ethical leadership be fostered across business education & industry?

  • Cultivating Innovation & Entrepreneurship: How will future entrepreneurial leaders be developed?

  • Driving Learning Experiences: How can business education & industry collaboratively impact student learning?

  • Harnessing Digital Technology: How will management education and research reflect the digital age?

  • Challenging the Business Model of Education: How will management education be positioned and funded in the future?

  • Advancing Policy & Governance: How will policy and accreditation influence the future of business education and business and powered by innovative IBM technology, a “Jam” is a large-scale, collaborative online event that drives creativity and probing thought. World-renowned guests will join all Jam participants to open a new dialogue that will build a stronger connection between academia and industry, bolstering the growth and development of business education and businesses alike.

As an EFMD member, you now have the opportunity to view initial Jam content and sign up to receive advanced notice of registration. The Jam is free to participate and will enable massive crowdsourcing of ideas and thoughtful input from all stakeholders: faculty, deans, and administrators, company executives and hiring managers, students and graduates, and anyone who cares about business and business education.

Join the conversations already happening, and visit www.bu.edu/jam to explore the 10 discussion forums in more detail, pre-register, and see how the Jam’s powerful social and analytic tools will make this an extraordinary conversation.

You can also follow the JAM on Twitter via @BusinessEdJam

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