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Virtual Conference on Entrepreneurial Learning in TVET

Date: 26 November 2018 - 09 December 2018
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UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre acts as a key component of UNESCO’s international programme on technical and vocational education and training. It also works to support UNESCO’s mandate for Education for All and Education for Sustainable Development.

The International Centre achieves this through taking action to strengthen and upgrade the worldwide UNEVOC Network (Flagship Programme), with particular reference to:

  • Stimulating international and regional cooperation concerning human resource development

  • Promoting UNESCO normative instruments and standards

  • Promoting good and innovative practices in TVET

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Mobilizing expertise and resources

  • Strengthening partnerships with other relevant agencies

There is a skills mismatch between the skills developed through global education systems and the evolving needs of society and the economy. Young people require more than knowledge and basic skills to succeed. This skills gap is damaging the aspiration and potential of young people to become active members of society and contributors to the economy. As the world changes, so education must evolve to deliver the skills needed for these new opportunities and demands. Through entrepreneurial learning, young people can develop vision and creativity to find solutions to the challenges they and the world face, using initiative to put ideas into entrepreneurial action. Entrepreneurial learning is the learning experience to develop the competences that contribute to this entrepreneurial mindset and skills, supporting learners to be entrepreneurial in all walks of life.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is a pivotal channel for the development of entrepreneurial learning, where student-centred experiential learning can be a powerful setting for building entrepreneurial capacity.

In order to support the development of entrepreneurship in TVET, fostering youth employment and entrepreneurship is one of UNESCO-UNEVOC’s thematic priorities under the UNESCO TVET Strategy (2016-2021). Through its services, platforms and international network of TVET actors, UNESCO-UNEVOC aims to further the dialogue on entrepreneurship in TVET and provide resources and promising practices of how TVET systems can mainstream entrepreneurial learning.

This virtual conference will explore selected areas of the ecosystem influencing the development of entrepreneurial skills by TVET learners, including the key areas of policy, teacher training, curriculum, non-traditional learning modes and career pathways. These areas interact, while being underpinned by the importance of stakeholder engagement and partnerships to support this work. The conference offers the opportunity for TVET leaders and practitioners to engage with and debate the key issues, through to gather a range of perspectives and evidence on approaches and actions from around the world.

Intended outcomes

The intended outcomes of the conference are for participants to:

  • Build insights into how entrepreneurial learning has relevance and importance to TVET

  • Explore the role of different elements of the ecosystem in supporting entrepreneurial learning in TVET: policy, curriculum, teachers, learning activities beyond formal curriculum, and support for career paths/start up in mainstreaming entrepreneurial learning in TVET

  • Discover practical ideas to empower TVET learners with entrepreneurial mindset and skills

  • Contribute to forward thinking on how UNESCO-UNEVOC can develop their work to drive forward entrepreneurial learning in TVET systems

Structure and sequencing

The virtual conference is founded on seven topics. These topics will be ‘opened’ for discussion on the following days:

  • Monday, 26 November - Topic 1: Introducing entrepreneurial learning – the why and what for TVET

  • Tuesday, 27 November - Topic 2: Policy or strategy supporting entrepreneurial learning in TVET

  • Thursday 29 November - Topic 3: Entrepreneurial learning in TVET curriculum

  • Monday, 3 December - Topic 4: Supporting teachers and trainers to embed entrepreneurial learning into TVET

  • Wednesday, 5 December - Topic 5: Entrepreneurial learning beyond formal TVET curriculum

  • Thursday, 6 December - Topic 6: Support for career paths/start up

  • Friday, 7 December - Topic 7: Drawing conclusions for the ecosystem supporting entrepreneurial learning to be put into practice across TVET

When 26 November to 9 December 2018


Language English (participation in other languages is welcome)

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