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Crash Course on FP7-Financial Reporting and Audits

Date: 10 May 2013
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Website: Visit website

Experience Europa Media's famous "learning-by-doing" approach – presentations in the morning, then practice your newly-gained knowledge during the workshops specifically designed for the particular topics:

  •  FP7 Financial Rules

Introducing the FP7 financial rules from the very basic topics to the most advanced ones using a practical, real-life approach. Rules of eligibility, average and actual personnel cost calculations, flat-rate travel costs, in-house consultants, subcontracting, indirect costs calculation and many more!

  • Workshop: FP7 Financial Reporting

The famous and utterly unique workshop of Europa Media. Participants will receive a folder consisting of virtual timesheets and salary slips, invoices and contracts, per-diem certificates and mission reports. The eligible costs have to be calculated and the FORM C will be submitted.

  • Analysis of the Financial workshop

Thorough analysis of the workshop and the reports. Step-by-step calculation of the eligible costs, discussion on the exceptions, "grey-zone" issues and your room for manoeuvring.

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