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CEPS - ECRI Seminar on Transaction Banking: Preserving the Link Between Finance and the Real Economy

Date: 05 December 2013
Location: Brussels, Belgium, 14:00 - 17:45
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5 December, 2013 - CEPS Conference Room, 1, Place du Congrès 1000 Brussels, BELGIUM

Global transaction networks facilitate the move of money and resources globally. It is a crucial building block for commerce, global trade and real economy in general. While the sector has not been singled out for special regulatory attention due to its low risk profile, a set of different pieces of banking regulation is going to influence its functioning. In addition to the EU wide regulatory initiatives, transaction banking operators have to tackle new differences between jurisdictions as national governments are setting country specific requirements based on Basel III and other rules.

To review the issues and future challenges of transaction banking, the seminar will discuss the role of transaction banking in serving the real economy, the current regulatory agenda and a new perspective transaction banking could give to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and vice versa in terms of finding a level playing field.



14.00-15.45 Session 1 – The role of transaction banking in the global economy – a focus on trade

Presentation of the Discussion Paper on Transaction Banking (CEPS/ECRI)

Presentation of case studies of how transaction banking services serve the real economy. A view on trade finance and transatlantic regulatory dialogue from the EU authorities:

  • Pawel Zalewski, MEP,Vice-Chair of INTA Committee “The importance of TTIP and the challenges”

  • Sharon Bowles, MEP, ECON Chair, Shadow Rapporteur on CRD IV “Impact of CRD IV on non-core financial areas”

  • Rupert Schlegelmilch, Director of Services and Investment, DG TRADE, TBC “Inclusion of financial services in the TTIP”

  • Fabio Fiorello, DG MARKT, Analysis of Financial Market issues Unit “Financial Market Regulatory Dialogue (FMRD) and US-EU regulatory coordination”

  • General discussion, Q&A

16:15 -17:45 Session 2 – Regulatory challenges to transaction banking

  • Introduction

  • Diogo Feio, MEP, Rapporteur on PSD “The impact of the Payment Services Directive”

  • TBA

  • General discussion, Q&A


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