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Annual Student Conference: Regions in a Changing World Order

Date: 07 May 2014
Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
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May 7, 2014, Gedimino st. 44 – 105, Department of Regional Studies, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, LITHUANIA


Bipolarity is past. So is unipolarity. The world is increasingly regionalising. The US global dominance is waning, the BRIC (Brasil, Russia, India and China) countries accelerate as regional powers with regional dynamics of their own, MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) appear to be on the rise, and the EU‘s multilvel regional governance (e.g. The Baltic Sea and Danube Regional Strategies), Nordic ‘miracle‘, Baltic sustainable resilience and other state clusters bring regions to scholarly limelight. Regional constellations of states look for identity building, tackling social and economic challenges, sharing burdens of globalisation, deepening interdependence and institutionalisation or simply elaborating new roadmaps for synergy and value added of cooperation. Studies of regions offer ample opportunities to analyze political initiatives, raison d‘etre for economic collaboration and security and institutions related issues.

The conference "Regions in a Changing World Order: Challenges and Opportunities" will seek to address the aforementioned emerging trends from various theoretical and research-based perspectives. Undegraduate and graduate students from all social sciences disciplines are invited to submit paper proposals.

Deadline for submission of paper proposals (max. 350 words) is March 1. Proposals are to be sent to the Conference coordinator Ms. Ieva Budvilaityte-Moroziene (i.budvilaityte-moroziene@pmdf.vdu.lt).

Authors of selected proposals will be notified by March 15.

There is no registration fee and the organizers will look for opportunities to accommodate participants from out of town.

The Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Mindaugas Jurkynas (Chair)

  • Ms. Ieva Budvilaityte-Moroziene (coordinator)

  • Prof. Egdunas Racius

  • Ms. Daiva Repeckaite

  • Ms. Danguole Bardauskaite

  • Ms. Austeja Masiokaite

  • Ms. Kotryna Juzenaite

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