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Thematic Workshop on "Developing Healthy and Prosperous Urban Eco-Systems"

Date: 26 November 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
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The Policy Learning Platform organises a thematic workshop on 'Developing healthy and prosperous urban eco-systems' on 26 November 2019.

During this one-day workshop where our Environment and resource efficiency thematic experts, Venelina Varbova, Ruslan Zhechkov and Astrid Severin, will exchange experience and knowledge on 'Developing healthy and prosperous urban eco-systems'.

The past 50 years have seen a rapid increase in rates of urbanisation across the world with more than half of the world's population living in urban areas. Today, 73% of Europe's population live in cities and this is projected to increase to 82% by 2050, resulting in over 36 million new urban citizens. Not only does the rapid urbanization process affect the availability of resources in European cities, it also poses challenges to equitable economic growth and well-being of citizens.

Urban eco-systems are the cities, towns, and urban strips constructed by humans. Multidisciplinary in nature, urban eco-system management requires a composite of social, environmental and economic decision-making tools and institutions that are flexible and can adapt quickly to changes in one or more systems.

Unhealthy urban eco-systems can lead to local and wider environmental degradation, social problems, economic decline, human health problems and further disconnection from nature.

There are a number of specific challenges and opportunities for the development of urban eco-systems:


  • Sustainable urbanisation requires increased attention on how human health and wellbeing in cities can be maintained through accessible green spaces and public sites

  • The enhancement of the quality of life is a crucial factor for the sustainability, vitality and competitiveness of a city

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of nature-based solutions in public spaces such as parks, squares, schools, and hospitals

  • New ways of maintaining growth that do not extract and deplete scarce natural resources have to be found

  • Urban eco-systems used to stimulate growth and new jobs


Join us at this Policy Learning Platform Workshop to meet other Interreg project partners, Managing Authorities and Priority networks and exchange experience and knowledge on 'Developing healthy and prosperous urban eco-systems'.

On the same day, we will organise as well a Low-carbon workshop on the topic 'urban mobility'. Participants from both workshops will get the chance to meet and attend a joint session on 'Reviving city centers'.

What should you expect:


  • Exchange experience and knowledge with other Interreg Europe project working on the same subject

  • Hear about latest developments regarding the European policy framework

  • Learn how to successfully set up step-by-step an urban eco-system

  • Get to meet the Policy Learning Platform experts and network with peers


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