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Thematic Workshop on "Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation"

Date: 27 November 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
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The Policy Learning Platform organises a thematic workshop on 'Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation' on 27 November 2019.

During this one-day workshop our Research and Innovation thematic experts, Marc Pattinson and Arnault Morisson, will facilitate knowledge and assist regions with Open, Social and Responsible Innovation, new policy trends, raising stakeholders' awareness of the importance of Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation for better policy and societal outcomes.

Research and innovation are driving productivity growth and thus economic development. It is widely recognised that research and innovation do not only have economic impact but also social impact. Research and innovation are associated with the process of 'creative destruction' that can lead to social instabilities (unemployment, poverty, social exclusion) and global challenges (climate change, energy efficiency, pollution). As a result, modern economic growth must go together with societal progress. Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation (OSRI) can be a way to reconcile these two forces, bringing economic growth and social value at the same time.

Although Open, Social and Responsible Innovation are associated with different policy tools, they have common characteristics, such as quadruple-helix, long term strategic intervention, multi-level governance, co-creative processes, e-platforms, living labs, demand-side instruments combined and coordinated with supply-side instruments, participative, and based on strategic foresight excersice.

The frequently associated policy tools for Open, Social and Responsible Innovation are:

  • Open innovation: living labs, open platforms, e-platform, data-driven platforms, e-government;

  • Social innovation: co-creation processes, social inclusion in research and innovation activities, quadruple helix for social transformation;

  • Responsible innovation: ethical guidelines, foresight, participatory processes, gender issues, mapping of regional societal challenges, impact

What you should expect:

  • Latest tools and practices in Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation;

  • Understanding why Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation are important to consider for research and innovation activities;

  • Knowledge on how Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation can be included into regional innovation strategies;

  • Meet peers and get inspiration from their shared good practices

Join us at this Policy Learning Platform workshop to meet other Interreg project partners, Managing Authorities and Priority networks and exchange experience and knowledge on 'Open, Social, and Responsible Innovation'.

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