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JCCY 2012: Uniting Our Efforts for the Future

Date: 24 October 2012 - 25 October 2012
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus, 09:00 - 17:00
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The Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council together with the Transnational Cooperation Programme MED and the Neighborhood Cross-border Cooperation Programme in the Mediterranean Sea Basin ENPI MED will hold their first joint conference in Cyprus on October 24th and 25th 2012.

This initiative is of particular significance in the context of preparing the future 2014 - 2020 programmes as it marks a further step in our policy and our institutional relations towards a better coordination of European policies destined for the Mediterranean.

Both programmes represent significant financial tools for regional and neighborhood policy development and enrichment of economic, institutional and human resources on both sides of the Mediterranean shores. Important results are being achieved and during this conference the synergies and complementarity between the projects of both programmes will be highlighted; opening a debate between policy makers, International Organizations, Mediterranean institutions and civil society. This would lead us to sketch possible scenarios of an integrated cooperation in the Mediterranean basin within the framework of the future programming period 2014 - 2020.

The role of Europe in the support of this process is undeniable. Reflections developed by the European Commission, the European Parliament, or dynamics created by the Union for the Mediterranean and the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly deserve to be confronted and put into synergy. The meeting in Cyprus should offer the channels to better seize the existing potential to reach a well-balanced and fair development of territories between all sides of the Mediterranean. This aim is in line with the Cyprus EU Presidency priorities for working "Towards a Better Europe".

This joint Mediterranean conference aims to find common ground with all actors concerned and give shape to strategies for achieving a more coherent and coordinated territorial development model between programmes destined to the development for the Mediterranean.

The two EU funded programmes ‘European Territorial Cooperation MED’ and ‘ENPI CBC MED’ together with the Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council are organizing this transnational conference to showcase project approaches and concrete cooperation results being developed in the Mediterranean.

The event has a twofold approach:

The first day will have a political focus. The cooperation programmes’ added value and long term impacts will be examined and transferability of results as well as mainstreaming and capitalization possibilities will be discussed.

This part of the conference aims to find common ground with all actors concerned and give shape to strategies for achieving a more coherent and coordinated territorial development model between programmes destined to the development for the Mediterranean.

When? On 24th of October, the registration starts at 09:00, the conference starts at 10:00. The end of the first day is foreseen at 18:00.
Where? At FILOXENIA Conference CENTER, Nicosia.

The second day is dedicated to thematic networking. Emphasis will be put on capitalization activities based on ongoing or closed projects of both programmes involving existing and potential project partners as well as existing and potential end users and multipliers.

Parallel project visits organized jointly with and hosted by Cyprus project partners will be carried out in various cities: Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol. These visits will be combined with thematic workshops and stakeholder consultations deepening the information and orientation from the day before on a more technical level.

When? On 25th of October, starting from 9am until around 16:00.
Where? Various project spots and premises in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol. Excursion buses will leave/arrive at the FILOXENIA Conference CENTER, Nicosia. There will also be a pick-up/ 
drop-off from/to your Hotels - Please see "Transfers" page.

You can choose among the following networking themes:

Using and protecting NATURAL RESOURCES

Our ecosystems are subject to increasing pressure. These threats result from large scale phenomena and thus cooperation experiences gain special importance when it comes to tackling the negative impacts of human activity in nature. Environment pollution due to tourism, use of fertilizers and urban waste, desertification, groundwater decline, floods are just a few examples of environmental problems tackled by cooperation projects whose results are to be discussed. In addition to resources protection, we will also have a closer look on their potentials: the area bears outstanding possibilities to produce energy based on renewable resources, but these are still far from being fully used. Various cooperation projects intervene in this field to contribute to an energy (r)evolution in the Mediterranean.

Improving the ENERGY EFFICIENCY in the building sector

In comparison with the EU average, the Mediterranean area proves to have a weak energy efficiency policy and practices for saving resources have in general not yet been adopted.

In recent years, this theme gained much of public and political interest. We would like to find out how cooperation projects were able to contribute to a change and what would be their future potential in this field.


The Mediterranean Sea is exposed to maritime accidents and particularly vulnerable due to increasing volumes of fluid and solid goods being transported.

These risks as well as the management of fragile coastal zones due to user conflicts will be in focus of this meeting’s programme.

An oil spill simulation at the premises of the Department of Merchant Shipping will showcase the importance of early detection and control of the spill and how this can lead to mitigate the damage from an oil spill.

We will illustrate and actively contribute to damage control in case of an oil spill incident on land.


Various cooperation projects are directly or even indirectly dealing with issues supporting the shift to a low–carbon economy in all sectors:

Cooperation outputs at your fingertips: Among others, we will visit a packaging waste plant concerning agricultural waste products. Prepare yourself also for a cycling experience in the Finikoudes area!

We recommend this workshop to persons who would like to get an insight into cooperation atmosphere and themes without deepening technical discussions and to persons not yet much involved in the cooperation field.


* Please note that you will need to register for one of these themes through the Easy Conferences System, on the "Registration" page. Since these networking meetings are limited to 50 persons only, we recommend registering as early as possible.

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