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WHO recruiting Global Surveillance and Risk Assessment Technical Officer

Junior Professional Officer will assist in monitoring and implementation of public health policies and programmes in the areas of surveillance and response to public health emergencies, including emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases particularly those with epidemic and pandemic potentials.

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FAO recruiting Forestry Officer

The post is located in the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme Team. The overall challenge of the project is to significantly improve the state of the natural resources of the Sahelian wetlands, particularly water bird populations, for the benefit of local populations in terms of food security and local development.

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GIZ recruiting Adviser for Strategic Partnerships for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement

This project contributes to EU's climate diplomacy efforts and cooperation between the EU and non-European major economies to promote the implementation of the Paris Agreement. It translates the political commitment for advancing bilateral dialogues and cooperation in the field of climate action into concrete interventions in line with the global ambition level as set by the Paris Agreement.

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UN Women recruiting Gender Project Management Consultant

The consultant will support a variety of UN Women Japan Liaison Offices outreach and partnership building activities, and manage projects/advocacy activities; in particular, the consultant will be responsible for implementing the project "Raising awareness of gender equality among young people" in Japan and its related activities.

International Organisation hiring Strategic Partnerships Project Manager

Climate change is a global challenge that requires a decisive and confident response from all major economies, which account for some 80% of global emissions. The EU as a key proponent of international action is committed to sustain cooperation and build partnerships and alliances towards achieving internationally agreed climate objectives.

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UNICEF recruiting Consultant to Provide a Team Building Exercise

UNICEF LAC Regional Office is seeking to engage with a company/consultant/individual contractor to provide the Regional Office Staff a team building exercise aiming to work around the thematic of work/life balance and office efficiency and effectiveness.

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DAI recruiting Senior Justice in Transition Project Experts

DAI Brussels is currently preparing for the forthcoming EuropeAid project "Justice in Transition" in all beneficiary countries which is expected to begin early 2018. DAI welcome applications for Short Term Experts as well as Key Experts with skills and demonstrable experience in the fields of constitution-making, restoration of justice for the population, and community-based transitional justice processes.