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Consultancy Services: Mongolia Green Economy Financing

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development intends to engage a Facility Consultant to support the implementation of the Mongolia Green Economy Financing Facility. The objective of this Assignment is to transfer strategic know-how and raise awareness about modern energy performance and environmental standards.

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Multiple Framework Contracts for Translation Services

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union is planning to conclude multiple framework contracts for translation services regarding texts in the legal field relating to the work of the various bodies and institutions of the European Union for which the Translation Centre provides translation and other language services.

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Maintenance and Development of the EU Labour Market Policy Statistical Database

The Labour Market Policy (LMP) statistics is a data collection developed by the European Commission to monitor the implementation and development of targeted employment policies across the EU. LMP statistics have been used to monitor both active and passive interventions in the labour market and, in particular, relevant areas of the EU employment guidelines.

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Call for Tenders: Study on EU Payment Accounts Market

The general objective of the study is to provide qualitative and quantitative evidence about the evolution of the payment accounts market in the EU since January 2014, with a view to informing the Commission's review of the Payment Accounts Directive.