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State-Owned Enterprise Restructuring

The Government of Croatia, represented by the Ministry for State Assets is requesting support under the EU's Structural Reform Support Programme to strengthen the SOE restructuring framework in Croatia.

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Updating Consumers and Marketing Law Content for the Consumer Law Section of the e-Justice Portal

The purpose of this contract is to provide services to the Commission, by keeping up-to-date the information contained in the Consumer Law section of the e-Justice Portal. Once it is published, the Consumer Law Database in the e-Justice Portal contains information up until July 2017. The focus of the work is therefore the time from July 2017.

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Provision of Surveys on Consumer Issues

The objective of the framework contracts is to provide surveys on consumer related issues targeting consumers and retailers/providers of good and services.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Commercial Law Judicial Training

EBRD now intends to engage a consultant to develop and deliver commercial law judicial training modules for judges in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so as to enable them to deal more effectively and independently with the identified matters.

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Seminar in Stockholm: EBRD Green Cities Framework

In order to take stock, learn, acknowledge achievements and define the future direction of the Green Cities Framework the EBRD will support a seminar (the "Seminar") in Stockholm.