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Provision of Training Services for the EUIPO

The objective of this invitation to tender is the signature of a maximum of 3 framework contracts in cascade, per lot, to provide (through the future contractors) various training courses, conferences, seminars, coaching and e learning activities, as well as the corresponding educational and learning support material in all formats.

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World Bridge Tourism

This call for tender is launched in the framework of the 2018 Preparatory Action "World bridge tourism" voted by the European Parliament. Its aim is to build on the work done for the EU-China Tourism Year by funding additional B2B matchmaking events and developing training materials to help the sector preparing for Chinese travellers.

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Support for the Development of Harmonised European Public Sector Accounting Standards

The objective of this call for tender is to provide Eurostat with support for the development of future specific European Public Sector Accounting Standards and/or the additional EU implementation guidance and to serve Eurostat as a help desk for preparation of analyses on specified financial accounting and impact consideration issues in support of the implementation of accruals accounting in the Member States and of the development of EPSAS.

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2nd European Skills and Jobs Survey: Data Collection on Impact of Digitalisation and Technological Change on Skill Mismatch of EU Workers

The aim of this framework contract is to deliver a dataset that will enhance understanding by Cedefop and the wider research/policy community of the impact of digitalisation and technological change (including skills-displacing technologies/automation) on EU workers’ job-skill requirements and skill mismatch.

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Provision of Interim Staff Services for Frontex

The overall objective of the contract is to provide Frontex with the necessary interim personnel in a timely manner and in line with the requested job profiles.