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Access for SMEs to Advanced Manufacturing Support

The overall objective of this contract is to help create a competitive future for EU manufacturing companies, given the context of high costs, global competition and digitalisation, and to strengthen Europe's position as a leading and technology-driven manufacturing region. The contract will directly contribute to objective 3 of COSME programme23 "Business environment for enterprises, including the competitiveness of enterprises and sectors ".

Study: Scale and Impact of Industrial Espionage and Theft of Trade Secrets through Cyber

The main and overall mission of the contractor is to collect and analyse data to be able to report on the estimated volume and impact of the cyber theft of trade secrets and whether this issue is considered as a real problem by relevant stakeholders so that appropriate policy responses may be considered such as for awareness raising actions on the threat and best practices in dealing with it, or the creation of a more systematic collection of data based on volunteer reporting using trusted channels where anonymity is ensured.

Organisation and Implementation of Training Activities on Animal Disease Preparedness

The present open call for tenders covers the organisation and implementation of training activities on animal disease preparedness, including early warning, contingency planning and animal disease control under the Better Training for Safer Food initiative.
The execution of the tasks will be divided in two separate phases of 24 months each.

European Capital of Smart Tourism

The new initiative "European Capital of Smart Tourism" complements other actions implemented by the European Commission so far in the tourism field. It constitutes a complementary leverage to raise awareness, further enhance the development of and reward already existing good practices of sustainable and accessible tourism, as well as of tourism using digital tools and cultural and creative industries to enhance the visitor experience.

Evaluation of Higher Education Entrepreneurship Programmes

The general ojective is to encourage the development and improve the relevance and quality of HE entrepreneurship education programmes across European HEIs, thereby contributing to the development of entrepreneurial competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) across Europe.

CEDEFOP recruiting Head of Human Resources

The Head of HR is managing a team of five staff members and is ensuring all services related to Human Resources in Cedefop, from strategic planning to ensuring payment of staff salaries, supervising recruitment processes and providing legal support and statutory advice on HR matters.