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International Organisation hiring Head of Conference Management Service

Geneva, Switzerland, 01 August 2014


The General Secretariat directs all the administrative and financial aspects of the Union's activities, including the implementation of the provisions of the administrative regulations on operational questions, the dissemination of information on telecommunication matters for operational and other purposes, the provision of legal advice to the Bureaux of the Union and the departments of the General Secretariat, logistic support to the Union's activities including conferences, the coordination of the work of the Union with other international organizations, the dissemination of information to the Member States and Sector Members, press, corporate and individual users of telecommunications and the general public. The General Secretariat is also responsible for the organization of world telecommunication exhibitions and forums.

Organization Unit

The Conferences and Publications Department is responsible for ensuring communication between people involved in Union activities and for the dissemination of Union products, through its conference services (conference organization and logistics), language services (translation and interpretation in the six official languages, précis-writing, terminology and reference services) and documentation and publications services (text capture and text processing, electronic document management, publication composition, reproduction and distribution of paper and physical electronic products, and sales and marketing).

Duties / Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Chief of the Department of Conferences and Publications, the incumbent performs the following duties :

  • Supervises the personnel responsible for practical organization and logistics, interpretation services, conference and meeting room services and ensures liaison with the other conference services of the Union.

  • Plans, leads and oversees the activities related to Headquarters and regional conferences and meetings services and provides solutions for the delivery of timely and effective conference planning, execution and follow-up.

  • Coordinates material preparation for conferences and meetings of the Bureau of the Union, taking into account the guidelines provided by the Director of the sector concerned during the preparation of conferences and meetings; in collaboration with the Head, Administration Office, assists the Bureaux concerned in all administrative areas during the conferences and meetings.

  • Is responsible for the organization and the administrative management of the conferences and meetings of the Union organized by the General Secretariat and support Bureaux for their conferences and meetings. Provides as needed, useful information to the participants of conferences and meetings.

  • Provides advice and support in venue selection, timing, consolidation, and negotiation of Host country agreements for conferences and meetings outside headquarters and advises on how to enhance visibility and impact in accordance with Bureaux/Union objectives.

  • Provides specialist advice to the Chief of the Conferences and Publications Department, the General Secretariat and all other Bureaux of Union on matters related to conferences, meetings and interpretation services.

  • Oversees the strategic and administrative management of both the conference and interpretation services during conferences and meetings; supervises the delivery of the conference services as scheduled; orders the preparation of statistics and produces reports on these services; takes ad hoc decisions when the circumstances so require; develops operational procedures, practices and systems as well as effective working relationships with central service areas and sectors to support the delivery of multi-focused services, develop collaborative approaches and resolve related problems.

  • Keeps abreast of new developments and best practices and provides advice and/or develops recommendations and or new procedures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of conference and meetings service delivery.

  • Participates and represents C&P in meetings (internally and externally) dealing with items within the scope of his/her responsibilities.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Chief of the Department of Conferences and Publications

Deadline: 29 September 2014

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