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Tender: Organisation of International Conference

Luxembourg, 01 October 2015


Improving the policy-relevance of European social statistics is a high priority for EU. This conference aims to bring together experts and stakeholders in various statistical and policy domains to give input to the future development of EU's social statistics.

The conference will address a range of social statistics-related issues including, but not limited to, the future of cernsus-type population statistics, use of big data in social statistics, modernised data collection on income, consumption and wealth, and new ways of monitoring labour mobility and transitions.

Topic-specific sessions will provide examples of new developments that allow for more relevant and timely statistics to be produced. At the same time, the policy framework that underlies needs for statistics would be presented by European and national policy makers.

Although EU has organised previous large scale conferences, this conference on social statistics is not part of a series of events.

The principle objective of this contract is to provide for the facilities and practical organisation necessary to ensure the trouble-free organisation of this conference.

Volume of the contract

The execution of the tasks shall start from the date of entry into force of this contract for a maximum duration of 16 months, covered by one contract.

The volume of the work consists of the practical organisation of one conference of three days gathering 300 people, including

  • Proof-reading of papers and presentations of approximately 300 pages

  • Travel arrangements for a maximum of 50 persons (of which a maximum of 15 persons travelling from outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland)

Tasks and expected results

The conference will be held in Luxembourg with a duration of three days: 28-30 November 2016. The conference with take place in the conference facilities of Luxembourg Congrès (Kirchberg, http://www.luxcongress.lu/en). The main conference room will be Room C of the Luxembourg Congrès centre. Two smaller meeting rooms will also be available during the conference period. The contractor will not be responsible for booking or paying for the conference and meeting rooms for the event. 

A maximum of 300 persons will attend the conference, including two hundred and fifty participants from European and non-European countries, as well as representatives from the European Commission and other international organisations, and around 50 speakers.
EU will provide a list of speakers.

The contractor is expected to provide a fixed price for the organisation of the conference, including the provision of a conference website, English proof reading of the conference documents and presentations, catering, social events, payment of travel, accommodation and per diems for speakers, hotel booking for around 200 participants, the provision of general and secretarial support before and during the conference.

Further details as regards the volume of the contract are given below in the description of tasks and services that the contractor will be required to provide.

No registration or administration fees can be charged to the participants.

  • Task 1 - English proof reading and standardising conference documents

  • Task 2 – Setting up and maintaining the conference website

  • Task 3 – Webstreaming

  • Task 4 – Providing general and secretarial support before and during the conference

  • Task 5 – Travel Arrangements

  • Task 6– Hotel Reservations

  • Task 7 – Catering and social events for the conference

  • Task 8 – Payment of daily allowances

  • Task 9 – Reporting activities


Submission Deadline: 12 November 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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