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World Bank recruiting ICT Programme Manager

London, United Kingdom, 01 December 2014

Objective of the Project

The overall objective of the Phase 2 of Business Entry Reforms is to facilitate and accelerate sustainable business entry of firms in Dominica. This will be achieved by streamlining procedures to include labor and social security registration, commercial registries, notary registries, operating licenses and tax registries and integrating these processes via electronic platforms at national level (one stop shop).

The various government agencies share a vision where the entrepreneur would enter information, payment and obtain business entry certificate online. The vision also includes seamless interoperability with IRD and DSS, management tools (dashboard and reports) in a technical and organizational environment conducive to confidence and trust.

Scope of Work

Under the supervision of World Bank Senior Private Sector Development Specialist and in coordination with the Business Entry Steering Committee, the ICT local Project Manager (ICT PM) will be responsible for the preparation of a project plan, progress status reports, and to coordinate technical resources to implement the Phase 2 of the Online Business Registry locally, in Dominica.

The ICT PM will be concerned with the technical aspects and activities of the Online Business Registry for the development of a detailed project plan. The final project plan will subject to approval by the Steering Committee and the main stakeholders of the Online Business Registry. In addition, the ICT PM will also supervise the subsequent execution of the approved project plan by the vendor to hired by IFC/World Bank. The ICT PM will report regularly on activities to be carried out by the Steering Committee to ensure quick wins as previously defined.

The ICT PM will interact with the Online Business Registry stakeholders to ensure a successful and timely implementation in coordination with the IFC/World Bank project team. The ICT PM will provide recommendations and solutions to ensure that system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to the policies and standards of the Government of Dominica.

The ICT PM will be supervised by the World Bank Senior Private Sector Development Specialist and World Bank Project Leader.

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