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Updating Consumers and Marketing Law Content for the Consumer Law Section of the e-Justice Portal

Brussels, Belgium, 02 February 2018

Purpose of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to provide services to the Commission, by keeping up-to-date the information contained in the Consumer Law section of the e-Justice Portal. Once it is published, the Consumer Law Database in the e-Justice Portal contains information up until July 2017. The focus of the work is therefore the time from July 2017.

The geographical scope of the work should cover all Member States of the European Union.

In addition to the Directives (see list below) and national transpositions, all relevant decisions of the European Court of Justice, the leading jurisprudence of Member States' courts, leading decisions by administrative authorities and other relevant material (including EU and national authorities' guidelines or guidance documents8, codes of conduct, references to literature) regarding the scope, interpretation and application of the provisions of the following Directives should be included.

Tasks to be performed

The Contractor should carry out the following tasks:

  • EU consumer legislation: update the EU-level legislation in the database, whenever necessary. All texts are available in all languages from EUR-Lex10.

  • Citizens' summaries: The contractor should prepare introductory texts of approximately 250 words per directive summarising the contents of each of the directives for laymen readers. These can be based on the existing summaries of legislation on Eur-Lex, where these exist.11

  • Compilation of national legislation, case law and administrative practice: The objective is the identification of changes in, and introduction of new, national transposition measures, related legislation, as well as identification of leading national jurisprudence and relevant administrative decisions and other relevant material (e.g. guidelines issued by national enforcement authorities, codes of conduct) across all Member States.

  • Annotations: The objective is to provide reliable and easily understandable information for both practising lawyers and interested laymen. Summaries of national jurisprudence and relevant administrative decisions including a short and clear description of facts, legal issues and any other relevant additional information should be prepared by the contractor.

  • Doctrine/legal literature: The contractor should identify leading national and European academic and practical publications in the area of the directives within the scope, including on their national implementation.

  • Description of the national enforcement systems in Member States: The contractor should keep updated the summaries of national enforcement systems which Member States have adopted to implement the directives within the scope.

  • Translations of national rules into English: where the Member States have provided it to the Commission, the Commission will make available to the contractor the translations into English of new or updated national transposition measures. The contractor should ensure that the quality of these draft translations is reviewed by a lawyer / jurist-linguist and improved where necessary. Wherever new or updated transposition was not provided to the Commission in English, the contractor is required to translate national transposition measures (for each directive and each concerned Member State) themselves.

  • The content of the database is to be kept organised and corrected, wherever a need becomes apparent, to improve the quality of the database or when Member States' authorities or other users inform the Commission or the contractor of mistakes or gaps. The contractor will verify and update it in agreement with the Commission.

  • Before uploading any substantial updates into the e-Justice Portal, the contractor will give the respective Consumer Protection Cooperation Authority12 with responsibility for enforcing consumer and marketing legislation the opportunity (maximum four weeks) to check and possibly complete updates that concern that country. For that purpose the contractor will be provided with a list of contact points it will keep updated and share with the Commission.

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