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European Bank recruiting Benefits Manager

London, United Kingdom, 02 September 2014

Job description

As a centre of expertise the Benefits Team is responsible for the effective development of the strategy for the suite of benefits provided by the Bank. This includes the introduction of new benefits, the development of policies, the management of third party suppliers and the delivery and communication of benefits to all staff. The team is also responsible for developing the HR business partners’ knowledge, capability and understanding of benefits plans.

The Benefits Manager is responsible for providing management support to the Head of Benefits in ensuring that the suite of benefits is appropriate, market competitive, professionally managed and delivered to staff effectively and to a high standard. The provision of professional expertise to the Bank is also a key component of this role so that decisions can be made by senior management and committees in an informed way.

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables

Provision of Professional Expertise to the Bank

  • Ensure full understanding of best practices and market trends related to benefits, through external networking and attending seminars and conferences

  • Provide information to staff in understanding policies and processes via a variety of communication channels.

  • Understand and resolve complex issues relating to specific groups of staff or specific areas of the benefits and communicate these effectively to staff or management.

  • Design and provide individual training, information and education sessions to staff and to other HR teams.

Policy development and implementation

  • Working with the Head of Benefits continually monitor and review the suite of benefits provided to staff, benchmarking with comparator organisations.

  • Develop change to policies or introduce new policies where appropriate, actively gaining buy-in from stakeholders during the development.

  • Develop communications for staff regarding changes to policies and processes as they are implemented.

Ongoing management of the benefits provisions

  • Undertake tasks required for the retirement plans annual cycle: retirement plan annual statements for staff, audit, report & accounts, and the valuation.

  • Working with the Head of Benefits in conducting the annual Flex Window cycle, communicating it to staff and overseeing the Benefit Supplier Days at the Bank.

  • Manage the Bank’s internal Retirement Plan committees including the arranging of meetings and preparation of required documentation for meetings

  • Manage the Bank’s external providers to ensure an efficient provision of benefits to staff and adherence to SLAs by the outsourced providers.

  • Set up and oversee the provision of group sessions for staff provided by outsourced suppliers.

  • Conducting the internal controls framework (ICF) testing related to benefits.

  • Working with the Head of Benefits, participate as required in a variety of tasks/ projects both within and outside the sphere of the Benefits Team.

This role will be offered as a part time contract of 20 hours per week.

Submission Deadline: 10 September 2014

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