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United Nations recruiting Health Safety and Environment Coordinator

Nicosia, Cyprus, 02 September 2015

Duties and Responsibilities

The CMP Health Safety and Environment coordinator looks after health, safety and environment issues and takes precautionary measures in the different worksites of this bi-communal project which are located in the southern and northern parts of the island. He/she is delegated to ensure that CMP adhere to health safety and environment standards. He/she plays a vital role in the worksite and is responsible for planning and implementing measures to ensure that work hazards are reduced.  He/she is also required to undertake training programs that will cultivate safe work procedures.

He/she will coordinate efforts in ensuring that proper warning systems and evacuation procedures are in place in each worksite. The job involves also developing risk management procedures to ensure safe working environment.

Work will be performed both at the worksites (excavations) and CMP Laboratory premises.

The Health and Safety Coordinator reports to the two Field Coordinators who ensure that Members are swiftly informed of any arising risk or accident in order to take the appropriate decisions.  He/she has to follow weekly exhumation plans produced by the coordinators and scheduled his/hers programs accordingly.

He-she will be responsible for:

  • The development, implementation and updating of required written health safety and environment procedures, risk assessments, emergency plans, working site organization plans, risk management procedures and plans.

These may include as needed:

  • Risk assessments for all worksites and laboratory;

  • Hazard Communication procedures;

  • Exposure Control procedures and programs;

  • Hazard Assessment and Personal Protective Equipment procedures (PPEs);

  • Respiratory Protection procedures;

  • Chemical Hygiene procedures (including Laboratory Safety);

  • Working in Confined Space procedures;

  • Working under adverse weather conditions;

  • Risk management procedures for unexploded Ordinance;

  • Emergency Action Plan;

  • Having an up-to-date knowledge of the current Health Safety and Environment Procedures and Practices.

  • Preparing and presenting Health Safety and Environment Strategies;

  • Conducting periodic health safety and environment walk-through inspections of all worksite facilities for potential health safety and environment problems;

  • Ongoing inspections to ensure assigned policies have been implemented and adhered to;

  • Identifying risks and consequently safety procedures;

  • Ensuring the periodic safety and environment training and other specifically required training is provided for all employees and other personnel;

  • Ensure that incident-accident log of occupational injuries and illnesses is maintained;

  • Prepare a weekly health safety and environment report to be submitted to the Field Coordinators ahead of weekly CMP meetings;

  • Prepare a monthly health and safety report to be shared with the Members by Mail;

  • Conduct accident – injury investigations and illnesses exposure monitoring;

  • Establish and monitor a program for reporting and investigating “near-miss situations”;

  • Preparing and implementing fire drills at the worksites;

  • Conduct investigations into employees inquiries, suggestions and complaints;

  • Maintain required safety and health documents / files;

  • Ensure periodic inspections of all motorized vehicles and machinery;

  • Liaise with relevant authorities as required.

Submission Deadline: 14 September 2015

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