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United Nations recruiting Media and Communication Expert

Cairo, Egypt, 02 December 2014


United Nations, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

United Nations is co-funding with the European Union (EU) a regional programme “Spring Forward: Regional Programme for the Economic and Political Empowerment of Women in the Southern Mediterranean Region”.

The programme works at multiple levels aiming at:

  • 1) Empowering women politically in order to assure women's active engagement in decision making spaces;

  • 2) Empowering women economically;

  • 3) Enhancing regional knowledge and experience-sharing on women's political and economic rights.

The regional programme is implemented in a number of countries in the region. To support the programme’s communication efforts, United Nations is looking for qualified candidates to lead in implementing, managing and monitoring of the programme’s communication. S/he is responsible for increasing the programme’s capacity to communicate effectively regionally and helping strengthen the programme’s positioning among key partners and external audiences in the region. The Communications Specialist is the programme’s expert in strategic communications, including media, corporate branding, advocacy-related messaging and outreach. The Communications Specialist advises the Programme Manager on communications and media strategies to enhance the strategic positioning of the programme.

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Provides leadership in developing and managing implementation of the programme’s communications strategy in line with corporate strategy;

  • Oversee and maintain regional programme online outreach and produce  information materials for public outreach;

  • Coordinate communication activities with UN communication colleagues at regional /national level;

  • Build communications partnerships and media alliances.

Provides leadership in developing and managing implementation of the programme’s communications strategy in line with corporate strategy:

  • Programme communication plan developed and implemented in line with corporate guidelines, enhancing further involvement, support and effective partnership with stakeholders;

  • Communications initiatives on the programme’s components to achieve consistent messaging and to support outreach, business development and related efforts;

  • Communications/knowledge products developed and aligned with the programme and other relevant corporate frameworks;

  • Effectiveness of communications, advocacy and outreach strategies in helping achieve the programme’s strategic goals monitored and evaluated and adjustments made accordingly;

  • Maintained and expanded contacts with regional media topics, background information, news-related developments and coverage of interest to each identified.

Oversee and maintain regional online outreach and produce information materials for public outreach:

  • Oversee programme website technical and editorially in line with the corporate web policy;

  • Oversee and manage regional social media accounts in line with corporate social media policy or provides inputs to corporate social media accounts;

  • Opportunities for press conferences identified and press conferences organized; press releases and media kits drafted;

  • Clear, consistent and timely responses to media inquiries; issuance of statement and corporate positions to media and other external audiences;

  • Drafts brochures, fact sheets, stories from the field to inform media and general public;

  • Video producers hired and supervised to produce relevant video material on the programme’s work;

  • Effective channels for dissemination of all information products to relevant target audiences identified and distribution supervised.

Coordinate communication activities with UN communication colleagues at regional /national level:

  • Regular consultation with regional/national communication/programme  teams to ensure consistency with corporate policies, messaging and initiatives;

  • Feedback to national programme teams provided with a view to coordinate programme communication initiatives: informs about regional /national activities, provides comments on and inputs for corporate initiatives, seeks advice and support;

  • Regular contributions to and advice provided on programme’s materials, e.g. website,  video productions, stories, etc. to highlight regional / national results.

Build communications partnerships and media alliances:

  • Identify and develop new communication partnerships and media alliances to enhance the visibility of the programme; manage and nurture existing partnerships;

  • Media strategies conceived, planned and implemented in line with corporate guidelines to enhance the positioning of the programme with the media, with a special focus on regional priority areas of concern;

  • Identify innovative opportunities and new communications tools and platforms which can serve to highlight the work of the programme;

  • Guide and collaborate closely with regional/national programme teams to advance regional and national communications partnerships.

The results have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of the programme’s regional communication and outreach efforts, enhancing the visibility, raising awareness and understanding of the programme and its mission with the media and among the general public, building and maintaining supportive constituencies.

Submission Deadline: 24 December 2014

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