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IDB Invest hiring Head of Marketing

Washington DC, United States of America, 03 April 2019


IDB Invest is currently searching for a Head of Marketing and Business Communication for the Investment Operations Department (INO) of IDB Invest, the institution that promotes development through the private sector within IDB Group. You will work closely and collaboratively with all the Divisions and Teams within INO and other organizational units of the IDB Group. You will be responsible for developing and executing the Marketing Plan to support IDB Invest business' desired positioning in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Your main responsibility is to lead the planning and execution of IDB Invest's marketing strategy, committed to reinforcing the organization's positioning as a sectorial expert in the region with a vast catalog of successful projects. As part of this role, you will have the following specific responsibilities:

Design and execution of the Marketing Plan

  • Lead the development and execution of the Marketing strategy, focused on clients and financial and non-financial partners (i.e. mobilization investors, thought leaders, donors).

  • Perform benchmark analysis of peer institutions to identify their strategy when reaching relevant audiences.

  • Identify IDB Invest's core business strengths and relevant attributes, to focus marketing efforts on desired audiences and showcase its financial and non-financial capabilities for doing business in LAC.

  • Define the strategy and budget allocation for sponsoring and developing events to achieve the expected objectives, aimed at the identified relevant audiences.

Handle the creation of relevant content and marketing materials to support the business strategy

  • Lead content creation and knowledge initiatives to promote business communication campaigns in all topics of relevance for business generation across segments, products, and advisory services.

  • Identify main formats and deliverables to better reach targeted audiences, with relevant content and messages.

  • In coordination with the IDB Invest's Institutional Communication Team and IDB's Knowledge, Innovation and Communication Sector, ensure the alignment of available communication channels/platforms for the Marketing Strategy.

Monitor results

  • Collect data and metrics to analyze the effectiveness of the Marketing Plan.

  • Gather user insights and use data to improve engagement with relevant audiences.

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