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Tender: Capacity Building and Advocacy Support for the Georgian Competition Agency

Georgia, 03 May 2016


Georgia introduced significant amendments to the law on 'Free Trade and Competition' in March 2014, based on which the Competition and State procurement agency was divided into two legal entities, and by the Government Resolution No 288 dated 14th April 2014 the new Competition Agency was established. This decision marked a turning point, as a formally independent competition agency was for the first time introduced in the country. The legislation introduced (competition law and relevant by-laws) is in line with the commitments of Georgia under the DCFTA (deep and comprehensive free trade area).

While the legislation is by now broadly aligned with the EU model, the Client currently lacks adequate capacity to enforce it. The staff, currently composed of 39 people (16 economists, 10 lawyers and 13 administrative/other staff), requires significant training in the areas of competition economics, quantitative techniques for the enforcement of competition law, and procedural aspects of competition law enforcement.

At the same time, the Client needs to raise its profile and ensure that its role and mandate is well understood by the business community, by the government and by public opinion more generally.

Assignment Description

The Bank now intends to engage a consulting company (the 'Consultant') to design, implement and deliver a capacity building programme and advocacy support activities with the Client (the 'Assignment'). The contracting entity shall be the Bank.

The expected outcome of the Assignment is that the Georgian Competition Agency's capacity as a competition review body is enhanced and market awareness about its role is increased.

The selected Consultant will be required to deliver a capacity building programme composed of the following three components:

(i) The delivery of a formal, classroom-based training programme combining a review of main economic and legal concepts in competition law enforcement with assessment of relevant EU case law. The training will be focused at building the necessary skills and knowledge necessary for officials and case handlers to perform antitrust and merger investigations in line with best international practice.

A small number of participants from sector regulators in Georgia (e.g. energy and telecom regulators) should be envisaged, in light of their significant involvement in competition matters;

(ii) Exposure to best practice in other jurisdictions through the attendance by selected officials to (i) one study-tour at an EU competition authority and (ii) international seminars and events with the participation of recognized international academics and practitioners in the competition field.

The objective of the study tour will be to contribute to the officials' capacity building through direct exposure to the operations of competition authorities in more advanced selected jurisdictions; while the attendance to relevant international conferences/events will also provide them with an opportunity to engage with international experts and practitioners and to network with officials from other competition authorities;

(iii) The realization of ad-hoc advocacy initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the Competition Agency's role in promoting competition and at building its advocacy role for the support of market oriented reforms.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in June 2016 and has an estimated overall duration of 7 months.


Submission Deadline: 24 June 2016

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