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EU Executive Agencies hiring Financial Officers and Advisers

Brussels, Belgium, Luxembourg, 03 August 2015

The EU Executive Agencies are looking for financial officers and financial advisers to be recruited as contract staff.

As financial officer or adviser, your tasks may include:

  • Budget planning and follow-up and budget information and reporting

  • Financial coordination and advice, financial analysis and reporting

  • Financial initiation and/or verification

  • Financial support

  • Management of financial information

  • Preparation and following-up of calls for tender and calls for proposal

  • Administrative tasks related to assets

Salary: EUR 2 476,74 (function group III) / EUR 3 170,61 (function group IV) (indicative monthly starting salary for a 40-hour working week).
As well as providing support and assistance to new staff for relocation, the EU institutions also offer a comprehensive remuneration package, including pension and health insurance.

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