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EBRD recruiting Two Team Coordinators for Enterprise Growth Programme

London, United Kingdom, 03 September 2013


Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises ("MSMEs") form the backbone of a dynamic market economy and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("EBRD" or the "Bank") fosters entrepreneurship in its countries of operations not only through capital funding, but also by providing business expertise. As one of the main pillars of the EBRD's MSME strategy, the "Enterprise Growth Programme" ("EGP") and "Business Advisory Services" ("BAS"), managed by the "Small Business Support" ("SBS") team, are essential components of the EBRD transition toolkit. The two programmes promote good management in the MSME sector in the EBRD region, by providing direct support to individual enterprises, helping them to grow their businesses. The SBS provides MSMEs with direct assistance from experienced business advisors and consultants, helping them to adapt to the demands of a market economy.

Enterprise Growth Programme

EGP provides medium-sized companies with comprehensive advisory services. EGP focuses on substantial managerial and structural changes within companies. EGP projects typically last between 12-18 months and bring in international advisors that are experts in their industries and have extensive senior management experience. The objective of EGP projects is to bring in international best practices that range across four categories (organisation and management, operations, sales and marketing, and finance, see table below) to help companies grow.

EGP aims to beneficiary local SMEs to grow in terms of turnover and employees, attract external finance, and align with international best practices to prepare them for new growth, new markets and market economies. With an aim to strengthen client commitment, EGP is operating on the basis of its cost-share policy.

Assignment Description

EBRD is seeking to engage two industry experts who will act as EGP Team Coordinators ("TCs") for projects in two regions: Far East Russia and Mongolia and Central Asia (the "assignment"). The TCs, one of whom will be responsible for activities in Far East Russia and the other for projects in Mongolia and Central Asia, will facilitate expansion and an increase in project volume in these regions. Working independently, or in collaboration with EGP local managers, the TCs will be responsible for identifying, monitoring and supporting the implementation of the donor-funded EGP operations in these regions. In particular, the TCs will undertake following tasks:

  • enterprise and adviser selection

  • project monitoring and reporting

  • project administration

  • programme representation and liaison

Deadline: 20 September 2013

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