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Navigator Consulting is recruiting an EU Programmes Manager

Cyprus, 03 September 2019


Navigator Consulting is a multi-functional consulting firm supporting the process of strategic change. Whether this relates to digital transformation or to the process of investing to create new competitive advantage, we take a scientific approach to business consulting.

A key support function that we offer to clients as well as to our internal consulting practices is access to donor-funded and public resources. The focal point of our work is decentralized or national EU-funded programmes, including Interreg, Structural Funds, Erasmus+ and others.

In order to strengthen our capacity in this sector, we are recruiting a full-time EU Programmes Manager. This position is expected to:

  • Understand our strategic development priorities;

  • Implement regular scanning of procurement opportunities;

  • Manage applications to programmes using a cluster-based and thematic approach;

  • Project management and monitoring for approved programmes;

  • Managing knowledge and state-of-the-art;

  • Managing our network of related partners, which include universities, research institutes, chambers of commerce and consultancies.

Our thematic approach includes the following interests:

  • Human capital development and management, expressed through training programmes, sectoral-based upskilling, vocational education and training, higher education, and training needs assessment;

  • Digital transformation and migration of sectors, companies and institutions into digital areas;

  • Environmental sustainability, from technology to applied management systems;

  • Better management methods and practice, including for companies, business clusters, universities, research, and others;

  • Research, technological development, entrepreneurship and innovation across different sectors.

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