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UNOPS recruiting Urban Environment Specialist

Brussels, Belgium, 04 March 2016


The Cities Alliance is the preeminent global partnership for the promotion of cities in poverty reduction and sustainable development. Headquartered in Brussels, it is a unique partnership with diverse members – local authorities, national governments, international non-governmental organisations, foundations and multi-lateral organisations – which have come together to strengthen both impacts and coherence in urban development.

The Cities Alliance's overall objectives are to support cities in providing effective local government, an active citizenship and a growing economy characterised by both public and private investment.

Since its establishment in 1999, the Cities Alliance has become a global leader in supporting strategic city planning, slum upgrading strategies and national policies designed to make cities more inclusive and sustainable. Cities Alliance's activities have helped leverage over US$1.5 billion in additional funding.

Functional Responsibilities

Provide technical advisory services to support implementation of the Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme on Resilient Cities

  • Provide ongoing substantive support in operationalising and implementing the JWP on Resilient Cities with Cities Alliance members and partners, which would include analysis for the development of resilience, climate sensitive as well as vulnerbaility assessments and plans including informal settlements

  • Provide ongoing support including regular updates to the comprehensive framework document to guide the implementation of the JWP, which includes organising at least two meetings in 2016, including a Cities Alliance session at the ICLEI 2016 Resilient Cities Congress (July 2016, Bonn)

  • Support the Task Manager's appraisals of at least 5 grant funded project proposals submitted by JWP members and partners, which includes conducting full project appraisal as well as financial, technical and integrated safeguards assessments

  • Ensure substantive linkages of the JWP to other Cities Alliance portfolios, including thematic priorities of the Cities Alliance MTS, including promoting inclusive economic growth and gender equality through partnerships

  • Map existing and update Cities Alliance member and partner resilience strategies and frameworks in support of JWP implementation on a quarterely basis

  • Provide technical support services to Cities Alliance partnership with at least three city governments participating in the Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Network Platform including supporting the development of City Development Strategies and pro-poor, inclusive city resilience plans

  • Organise and conduct at least one planning workshop with Cities Alliance members and partners including C40 and World Bank, to finalise a proposal for a prospective activity on city energy management plans

  • Provide substantive support in the production and appraisal of a comprehensive methodology for at least six city level energy management plans including both supply and demand side considerations with Cities Alliance members and partners

Provide technical support for improved incorporation of environment and climate change issues into the broader Cities Alliance portfolio

  • Organise at least three environmental orientation, awareness raising and coordination activities for the Secretariat and their partners

  • Prepare and implement one guideline and tool kit on environmental mainstreaming within Cities Alliance programming lines.

  • Perform other related duties as may be required.

Monitoring and Progress Controls

  • One climate resilient planning tool and consideration are produced and built into new and existing Cities Alliance Programmes.

  • At least two face to face JWP meetings organized and delivered in 2016.

  • Cities Alliance session at ICLEI 2016 Resilient Cities Congress delivered.

  • One planning workshop on city energy management plans between at least two Cities Alliance members is organised and facilitated.

  • A concept note including comprehensive methodology to produce city energy management plans delivered.

  • Appraise methodology of city energy management plans for at least four cities from developing countries, including selected cities in Cities Alliance country programmes.

  • A guideline for Cities Alliance Task Managers on mainstreaming environmental concerns in Cities Alliance operations has been written as a reference guide.

Contract duration: 1 year, renewable subject to satisfactory performance and funding availability.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).


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