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European Organisation hiring Head of Unit Preparatory Action

Belgium, 04 April 2016


The main task of the Organisation is to support the Council and the Member States in their effort to improve the Union's defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as it currently stands and as it develops in the future.

The Agency is structured into four directorates. Three operational directorates: Cooperation Planning & Support; Capability, Armaments & Technology; and European Synergies & Innovation and the Corporate Services Directorate.

The European Synergies & Innovation Directorate acts as an interface between defence ministries and wider EU policies that have implications for defence. It promotes and supports innovative research, coordinates and promotes Organisation actions in the area of dual-use research and, as requested by its Member States, works in support of them and the European Commission on the setting up of the Preparatory Action for CSDP-related research. The directorate is also responsible for market & industry related questions such as policies, analysis and support, as well as strategic foresight and assessment, for the benefit of all the agency. In addition, the directorate has a coordination role of the Agency’s energy and environmental activities as well as Space policy activities.


As a Head of Unit he/she is directly accountable to the Director of ESI for the functioning of Unit Preparatory Action (PA). He/she is responsible for the following activities:

  • lead and manage the integrated teamwork in the area of responsibility assigned to the PA Unit, including among others planning and organizing the resources (particularly during the first year during which the unit will have to be built up), taking care of improving relevant skills and knowledge, setting priorities and objectives and acting as line manager;

  • lead and manage the Organisation work to set-up and implement the Preparatory Action in the field of Defence Research as well as to implement the Pilot Project in the field of Defence Research;

  • ensure the transversal way of working and coordination with the other Units and Directorates within the Agency, and, in particular, all the Organisation CapTech moderators;

  • interact with Member States, the European Commission (and potentially other relevant International Organizations such as ESA or NATO), industry and research institutes in the areas of responsibility assigned to the PA Unit;

  • through appropriate consultation and engagement with Member States, Industry and RTOs, prepare strategies and policies promoting the best consistency between the topics covered by the Preparatory Action, the outcome of the projects funded and the Defence Capability and Research Priorities;

  • chair workshops or working groups, speaking or moderating sessions in conferences;

  • take on additional tasks as required in the interest of the service.

When taking over the Deputy Director's role (planned on 1/10/2017), additional duties will include:

  • ensure the performance of the tasks of ESI and guarantee the overall coherence of its work as well as cooperation and coordination within ESI and with other Organisation Directorates;

  • support the Director in the overall management of the Directorate and in sustaining appropriate links and coordination with relevant EU bodies, Member States and industry and deputise in his/her absence;

  • coordinate the drafting of notes, briefings, presentations, Steering Board documents, etc. requested to the directorate.

Duties may evolve depending on the development of Organisation structure and activities and decisions of Organisation management.


Submission Deadline: 26 April 2015

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