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International Organisation hiring Long-term Expert for Marketing

Tajikistan, 04 May 2016

Project Title

Towards Rural Inclusive Growth and Economic Resilience (TRIGGER)


The overall goal of the programme is to improve the competitiveness and to increase the income and economic performance of MSMEs and small producers in selected value chains in order to contribute to sustainable economic development in the country. To achieve the goal, the programme has three main intervention areas:

  • Output A "business enabling environment": promotes an enabling business environment and regulatory framework

  • Output B "value chain development": addresses the capacity of market actors within selected value chains (agriculture, construction/energy-efficient housing) and their market linkages. Through facilitating advice, training and financial support, the programme will also support value chain actors to adapt their business models in ways that benefit them and are inclusive.

  • Output C "business development services": supports commercial service providers that increase the performance of value chains and that are relevant for several value chains (cross-sectoral services). Focus of this project will be related to the promotion of agrarian value chains within the intervention areas B and C.

Together, these intervention areas lead to changes that enable inclusive business models to be more competitive, which in return contribute to inclusive economic growth and consequently to increased employment and income for poverty reduction. The economic empowerment of women and girls is an integral element of the programme approach.

Duration: 44 expert months

Submission Deadline: 31 May 2016

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