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UNDP hiring Consultant for Increasing Women’s Participation in Politics

Home-based, 04 October 2013

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Increasing women's participation in parliament and securing their access to political life at both national and sub-national level is crucial to achieving gender equality and democratic sustainable development. The link between women's presence in national legislatures and human development is clearly outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to promote gender equality and empower women.

Scope of work

An international consultant will be recruited to undertake this assignment. The assignment will include the following tasks.

  • The consultant shall compile a mapping of ongoing and planned programmes, projects, and activities by development partners aimed at encouraging the participation of women in national Parliaments and to elected bodies at sub-national level. The regional mapping report shall include a break-down of activities for each Pacific Island country.

  • On the basis of the mapping exercise, extensive consultations with development partners, donors and key agencies, and taking into account UNDP Pacific Centre's mandate and previous work in this area, the consultant shall identify strategic entry points for UNDP to work towards increasing women's participation in parliaments and sub-national elected bodies. In addition, the consultant shall outline concrete options for UNDP Pacific Centre's regional programming over the coming four years.

  • Consultations with key partner agencies shall involve at least the following agencies:

  • UNDP Pacific Centre;

  • UNDP Fiji Multi-Country Office;

  • UNDP Samoa Multi-Country Office

  • UNDP PNG Country Office;

  • Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat;

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Region;

  • UN Women;

  • AusAID;

  • Pacific Women's Parliamentary Partnerships;

  • Commonwealth Secretariat;

  • NZAid;

  • IPU;

  • CDI;

  • Relevant CSOs and other key groups and stakeholders

Deadline: 18 October 2013

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