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Call for Proposals: Further Capacity Building, Plant Protection Products and Pesticide Residues

Serbia, 04 November 2015


Since Serbia signed the Stabilization and Association Agreement in 2008 it took over the obligation to gradually harmonize the national legislation with the EU Acquis in the phytosanitary area.

The Law on Plant Protection Products (hereinafter recognised as: Law on PPP) came into force on 10th of June 2009, except Articles 11 to 25 (related to authorisation according to EU standards), introduced on 31st of December 2013, that opened the way for transposing the EU legislation in the area of PPP related to authorisation and control on the market.

Although Law on PPP was based on Directive 91/414/EC there are some provisions related to the new EU legislative framework in the area of PPP (Regulation 1107/2009/EC – basic substances, Directive 2009/128/EC – aerial spraying, IPM, trainings and Regulation 1185/2009/EC – record of sale and use of PPP) that have to be amended. Also, some provisions of the Regulation 396/2005/EC on residues of PPP in food and feed were transposed by this Law.

Target groups which will directly benefit from the activities envisaged by this project are: PPD staff (5 employees) and external institutions staff (50 scientific staff), hereinafter recognised as: relevant staff, as well as various stakeholders.
The final beneficiary of the project is Plant Protection Directorate/Division for Plant Protection Products and Plan Nutrition Products of the MAEP.

External institutions that will be involved in the project implementation are faculties and institutes selected through tender procedure. (List of the external institutions is referred to in Annex IV).

Stakeholders that will be involved in the project implementation are potential applicants for authorisation of PPP (domestic and foreign producers of PPP). Regular quarterly meetings with their representatives will be organised during the implementation of the project, and various information communication channels with the said stakeholders will be established (through the information on the official ministry webpage, letters of notifications, regulatory information, etc.). Furthermore, free access to accurate information relating to PPP and residues will be provided to the general public.

Overall objective

The overall objective of this project is to ensure protection of human health, the environment and consumers within the Republic of Serbia through strengthening of the authorisation and control on plant protection products (PPP) and pesticide residues.

Project purpose

The project’s purpose is to align Serbian management of plant protection products and pesticide residues with EU requirements, through further strengthening of the institutional and administrative capacity of the MAEP Plant Protection Directorate.


  • Result 1. Serbian legislation harmonized with EU Acquis in the area of PPP and pesticide residues;
  • Result 2. Capacity of the relevant staff increased and authorisation of PPP improved in line with EU requirements;
  • Result 3. Information on PPP and pesticide residues available to potential applicants and general public.


Submission Deadline: 11 January 2016

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