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European Commission recruiting Energy Experts to Evaluate Project Proposals

04 November 2016


The European Commission is looking for experienced professionals in this area to evaluate and recommend proposals for funding under the H2020 Energy Efficiency Call for Proposals in the area of Heating and Cooling.

Some of the profiles include mechanical engineers; thermal engineers; HVAC engineers; city planners; electrical engineers; building services engineers; energy consultants; control engineers; material scientists; physicists; heating and cooling plant managers.

Tips while filling in your application

We invite you to fill in your detailed CV and update it regularly. You can enter your CV at any time, but note that until 31st October we will be selecting the long list of experts for the upcoming round of evaluations in spring 2017.

To have your CV taken into consideration in this round, ensure that you enter it in the database by the end of this month and remember to select Horizon 2020 as one of the EU Programmes that you want to participate as an independent external expert.

Don't forget to use key words related to your area of expertise i.e., waste heat and cool recovery; district heating and cooling; district energy systems; system design; retrofitting; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning; HVAC; city planning; low energy buildings; energy management.

So, if you have experience in the Heating and Cooling industry and you have expertise in areas such as: heat pumps; heat transfer; combined heat and power; renewable energy sources; fluid mechanics; building infrastructure; refrigerants; control systems; you could be one of the next experts evaluating project proposals to receive Horizon 2020 funding.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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