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Services Linked to the Operation of the Europe Direct Contact Centre

Brussels, Belgium, 05 March 2020


Under this call for tenders, DG Communication is seeking the services of a contractor who will operate the Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC).

The purpose of the EDCC is to answer questions from citizens about the European Union. All the 24 official languages of the EU are offered via the channels of telephone, email and messenger apps. The objectives are to:

  • offer a reliable and direct service to citizens who have an EU related question, and thereby contribute to a better understanding and functioning of the EU;

  • costs control for the Commission and reducing the administrative work for officials in the services of the Commission.

The services requested comes in continuation of an already existing contact centre. Information of the existing EDCC can be found here:

The Directorate General for Communication (DG Communication, DG COMM) is in charge of the general management, overall monitoring and coordination of all aspects of the contact centre's work.

The contractor is responsible for the operations of the EDCC. This implies in particular that the contractor will be responsible of all the relevant staff and provide a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) IT system, which runs the communication channels with citizens, workflow management, statistics, reporting, etc.

The contractor shall also run a knowledge base, which provide the answers to the questions and connects the knowledge of the EDCC with other knowledge systems of the Commission. It is separate from the CRM in order to allow it to develop during the contract period and be fully transferred to the Commission.

A number of associated services work with the EDCC. These are Directorates generals of the Commission or other EU services which have concluded a cooperation agreement with DG Communication and each operate a “back office”. The EDCC as run by the contractor has to reply directly to as many enquiries as possible, but escalates the complex or sensitive questions to the associated services, who also provide training and knowledge. There are about 30 associated services. Special requirements have to be taken into account in cooperation with some of them.

View the ECN Procurement Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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