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International Organisation hiring Expert for Employment Creation

Eschborn, Germany, 05 May 2015

Field of activity

The objective of the programme 'Employment for Sustainable Development in Africa' is to improve employment opportunities in Africa in cooperation with the private sector. The programme develops, negotiates and implements partnerships with the private sector that promote more productive and decent employment in the 9 target countries in Africa. It adopts an integrated development approach for employment promotion by developing labour supply and stimulating labour demand. Along selected value chains, pro-employment business models are promoted while vocational training and qualification are used in order to increase the employability and productivity of people in both the formal and informal labour market. This will result in new jobs, income increases and improved workplace conditions. A particular focus is placed on employment in the extractive industry (especially oil and gas) and its up and downstream sectors. The recent oil and natural gas discoveries in East Africa offer an unprecedented opportunity for economic development and employment. However, if not enough qualified workers are available, the international corporations and contractors may have to negotiate with the governments to bring in workers and services from abroad. In order to ensure that local employment is sparked, E4D will launch an innovative public-private skills development initiative in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda with high participation of the oil and gas industry and co-financing by the British Department for International Development (DFID) in those countries. In another 5 countries, the programme develops, negotiates and implements development partnerships with the private sector with the aim to raise jobs and income of the local population. We are looking for an expert on Employment and technical vocational education and training (TVET) to provide high-level backstopping and advise to in-country colleagues and towards donors and international partners located in Germany.


As an Expert for employment creation and TVET will be to advise and conceptualize the skills development and technical vocational education and training (TVET) initiative across the whole programme and at country level. You will also oversee selected country portfolios. You identify relevant problems and issues and propose implementation-oriented solutions based on current trends in academic, political and corporate-policy debate. You also assist International Organisation's managers and other senior-level stakeholders in the program in preparing decisions by drafting concepts or documents that facilitate decision-making. In this context, you take into account possible knock-on effects on related or overarching themes. You also assist managers in making decisions by drafting concepts and documents that facilitate decision-making, and positioning these within the cross-cutting sectoral context. Your specific tasks are:

  • You will support the project teams in the countries in designing the project activities according to international standards and state-of-the-art know-how on TVET in Africa. Experiences and good practices from the British TVET system will be used as an orientation.

  • Furthermore, you will backstop the implementation of all TVET and skill development measures in all target countries like curricula development, up-grading of TVET-schools, improving teachers training, setting up recognition of prior learning programs or advising national TVET commissions in introducing international TVET standards and certification systems;

  • As a number of assignments will be tendered, an important task is also to support the preparation and implementation of consultancy assignments and back-stop these from a technical perspective;

  • Providing up-to-date information and know-how on the topic; lead and manage an international network on TVET and manage the quality control towards the international Board of the SOGA Initiative;

  • Discuss and negotiate with senior level private sector representatives of extractives industries on skills development initiatives;

  • In providing sound technical arguments, you will support the acquisition of private contributions and further public funds;

  • Thanks to your deep insight in to activities in all countries, you will help design regional knowledge management and provide technical input;

  • Communicate directly with senior level public representatives from donor agencies and support the establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform;

  • Oversee and engage in demand driven research with international institutions;

  • Transparent impact monitoring is of high importance to the program. You will support our Monitoring Coordinator by giving TVET specific advice.

Assignment period

As soon as possible until December 2018 (with an option for the contract extension).

Submission Deadline: 18 May 2015

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