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RISE recruiting Chief Innovation Officer

Nicosia, Cyprus, 05 June 2020


The Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart System and Emerging Technologies – RISE (www.rise.org.cy), empowers knowledge and technology transfer in the region. RISE is a significant investment supported by the European Commission, the Republic of Cyprus and its founding Partners, the Municipality of Nicosia, Max Planck, University College London, the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology and the Open University of Cyprus.

RISE, as a centre of excellence, cultivates a culture of innovation and creativity in an inspiring environment filled with academics, researchers, creative and onward-looking people, innovators, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. The centre operates under the moto "Inspired by Humans Designed for Humans" with the vision to produce world class research that drives innovation towards social and economic benefit while conducting excellent, internationally competitive scientific research in the areas of visual sciences, human factors and design, communication, and artificial intelligence.

Position Description

The Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) will lead a dynamic and agile team comprising the Innovation department of the growing RISE Centre of Excellence (CoE). This team's primary role is to facilitate and accelerate the Economic and Social Impact of the activities of RISE (principally research).

Experienced in all facets of strategy, innovation, value proposition and use case identification, along with knowledge of solution design, product development and business growth, the successful applicant will be a seasoned leader who has cultivated teams across multiple industry disciplines and managed dynamic teams in fast-paced environments.

At a strategic level, the CIO will be charged with the developing and overseeing the execution of the Strategic Innovation plan of RISE in order to achieve and sustained development, economic & social impact and business growth.

Appropriate measures of success will be collaboratively determined based on the centres strategic plan and sustainability targets; these will be revised periodically with the Centre's Leadership Team.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

The CIO is expected to:

  • Lead the Innovation Department working towards the organization-wide strategy development, mission achievement, promoting a healthy organization in all aspects, and fostering cross-Departmental collaboration.

  • Work closely and cooperatively with the rest of the leadership team of RISE and ensures that issues are dealt with constructively

Drive New Growth and Development Opportunities

  • Identify, develop, promote and execute high-impact innovation strategy and roadmap aligned to strategic research impact and business goals and development and growth priorities.

  • Be aware of all activities across the RISE CoE identifying opportunities for economic and social impact development, including industry engagement and business generation in-line with the centres sustainability goals.

  • Actively identifying and developing new opportunities to facilitate such related activities, including the use of novel approaches, and identifying innovative approaches from across the international technology transfer and research impact ecosystem.

  • Work closely with the research teams to create viable industry engagement strategies, technology transfer strategies leading to business models and commercialization strategies for mature innovations.

Build and Grow RISE's Innovation and Impact Capabilities

  • Develop and maintain strong ties with teams across RISE; educate and train teams on new approaches to innovation, including industrial engagement in research and entrepreneurship; drive innovation and research impact, develop and oversee the curation of presentations and innovation sessions.

  • Oversee the strategic growth of a large international portfolio of Industrial partners, with high relevance to the research and activities of RISE.

  • Oversee the development and deployment of a thorough process for managing and developing RISE's portfolio of partners.

  • Develop, review and operate an institutional offering, providing a set of well understood mechanisms for industrial engagement with the research centre.

  • Educate and provide necessary support for new innovators in the Centre and lead by example.

Champion Innovation

  • Instil a Centre wide drive for Innovation and Research Impact, helping to create a research centre in which industrial challenges and industrially relevant research is symbiotically at the heart of all activities.

  • Empower all members of the Centre to champion and undertake Innovation Impact activities.

  • Responsible for organising regular planning and review meetings with internal members of staff, industrial contacts. Through these activities the CIO will promote excellence in industrial relations across the centre.

  • Establish company as a recognized innovation leader among customer and industry groups to build brand and attract and retain talent.

  • Contribute to creating a high profile of the departments in national, EU and international arenas via demonstration of the centres positive impact and value proposition in several sectors.

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