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EDA hiring Director of Cooperation Planning & Support

Brussels, Belgium, 05 August 2014


The European Defence Agency was established under a Joint Action of the Council of Ministers on 12 July, 2004. On 12 July 2011, the Council adopted a Decision defining the statute, seat and operational rules of the European Defence Agency. This Council Decision replaced the Council Joint Action.

The Agency has its headquarters in Brussels.

The main task of the EDA is to support the Member States and the Council in their effort to improve the EU’s defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as it stands now and develops in the future.

The Agency has a new structure from 1 January 2014. In order to be better equiped to anticipate and react to developments in the rapidly evolving defence and security environment, EDA has been restructured into three operational directorates: Cooperation Planning & Support; Capability, Armaments & Technology; and European Synergies & Innovation. This will improve its operational output; facilitate the prioritisation of tasks; and serve the needs, expectations and interests of Member States more effectively and efficiently.


The Agency is an “outward-facing” organisation, constantly interacting with its shareholders, the participating Member States, as well as with a wide range of stakeholders. It works in an integrated way, with multi-disciplinary teams representing all the Agency’s functional areas, to realise its objectives including its annual Work Programme and its rolling three-year Work Plan. Its business processes are flexible and oriented towards achieving results. Staff at all levels need to demonstrate the corresponding qualities of flexibility, innovation, and team-working; to work effectively with shareholders and stakeholder groups, formal and informal; and to operate without the need for detailed direction.


The Cooperation Planning & Support directorate focuses on the early identification of requirements at European level and the through-life aspect of capabilities. It is responsible for capability planning through the Capability Development Plan and the Cooperative Programme Database, and Pooling & Sharing including the Code of Conduct. It deals with Defence & Industry analysis to complement the identification and development of capability demands. The directorate is also responsible for key enablers to support defence cooperation and enhance interoperability: military airworthiness, standardisation and certification, and education and training. In addition, it supports CSDP operations.


The Director of Cooperation Planning & Support (CPS) is directly accountable to the Chief Executive.

He/she is responsible for:

  • ensuring, with the support of Heads of Unit, coherence among the work strands and programmes assigned to the directorate identifying requirements at European Level and the through-life support aspect of capabilities. This includes capability planning through the Capability Development Plan and the Cooperative Programme database as well as Pooling & Sharing including the Code of Conduct;

  • developing Defence & Industry Analysis;

  • developing key enablers to support defence cooperation and enhance interoperability, particularly in the areas of military airworthiness, standardisation and certification, Defence Test and Evaluation activities;

  • developing education, training and excercises;

  • identifying, developing, promoting and managing tools and procedures to support CSDP operations;

  • leading and managing integrated teamwork in cooperation with the other Agency Directorates and external partners;

  • developing and sustaining appropriate links with relevant Council, Commission, EEAS, EUMC, EASA and other external bodies and Member States;

  • coordinating relations with Industry in the fields covered by his/her Directorate;

  • planning and organising the work and the financial and human resources of the Directorate;

  • allocating personnel from his/her own Directorate to integrated teams under the responsibility of other Directorates and programmes;

  • developing the competences and skills of Directorate personnel and evaluating their performance.

Duties may evolve depending on the development of the EDA’s structure and activities, and decisions of EDA management.

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