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Tender: Learning and Development Activities for Personal Development and Management Skills

United Kingdom, 05 August 2016


To support the learning and development process of Agency’s staff, we seek experts with a level of pedagogical expertise and communication skills that will ensure the transmission of their knowledge and their know-how, and enable staff to meet the learning objectives identified.

For each area, based on established objectives and target audience needs, a set of learning activities is to be offered. We anticipate full use of new and emerging trends in learning and development to enable staff, and the Agency to gain the maximum return from the time invested. Therefore the learning activities may include live web-learning, blended learning, conferences, special events, collaborative platforms, peer exchange, facilitating communities of practice and support to other forms of informal learning, in addition to traditional classroom training. Preparation of bespoke e-learning material in the subject matter of the tender may also be required. Acceptable formats are SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) compliant) and AICC (Aviation Industry CBT (computer based training) Committee) compliant. Hosting of e-learning, or licences for existing e-learning courses/catalogues/platforms are not required.

Main services required

The learning and development (L&D) provider should provide a pool of experts/facilitators able to offer consultancy for the development and delivery of learning activities for Agency’s staff.
To be provided, but should not be limited to:

  • Identification and development of learning activities on the basis of established objectives and target audience need. The L&D provider (hereafter “the provider”) may be required to adapt existing learning activities as well as to develop and implement new learning activities. Each learning activity should include a briefing document describing the actions from the analysis of the need, the action content, and the evaluation. The provider may be asked, for certain topics, to develop and/or correct tests before and/or after the learning activity, to measure its impact.

  • Development of learning paths, more particularly in the managerial area.

  • Identification and development of appropriate materials, including course material (paper and multi-media), self-study manuals, knowledge evaluation tests, bibliographies and web-references designed to support independent and/or informal training.

  • Delivery of learning activities (classroom, conference, community of practice) face to face or via distance learning. As delivery of classroom training is currently the main format used at the Agency, the provider must provide the full list of its existing training courses covered by the subject matter of this tender, in annex VII.

  • When the learning activity involves ‘catalogue’ courses provided by the provider, possible partial adaptation of these courses may be requested to take account of specific Agency policies and procedures at the Agency’s request. Should the Agency commission a course or learning activity this content will be intellectual property of the Agency.

  • Delivery of action learning (classroom, conference, community of practice) at the premises of the Agency and/or the provider via distance learning. Conception and implementation of learning support to develop different learning formats such as coaching, mentoring, job shadowing.

  • Conception and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure the effectiveness and impact of the learning activities: pre and/or post course tests, feedback evaluation and follow-up.

  • Coaching.


Submission Deadline: 26 August 2016

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