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Biofuel Refinery Feasibility Study, Africa

Brussels, Belgium, 05 November 2015


A leading biorefinery based in western Africa is currently in negotiations to receive a loan from a multilateral development bank. In order to proceed, it requires a detailed feasibility study and business plan for its planned bioethanol production site. This study will be paid for using Technical Assistance Funds.

The project will include the following components:

a. Technical Feasibility Study

Provision of a detailed engineering study, including site identification, technical designs, infrastructure assessment, energy and utilities assessment, capacity planning. The study should include assessment of biomass capacity planning (intake) and wastewater usage. The study should dive deep into the technical process flows and engineering of the planned biofuel reactor.

b. Market Study and Due Diligence

Provision of consultancy support for market assessment, marketing planning, financial modelling, financial valuation, legal assistance, term sheet development, credit enhancements.

c. Environmental Impact Assessment

Full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), accompanied by a Social Impact Assessnet to just impact on local communities.

Consultants must prove their detailed qualifications to participate in such a project.  


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