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DAI recruiting Senior Justice in Transition Project Experts

Worldwide, 05 December 2017


DAI Brussels is currently preparing for the forthcoming EuropeAid project "Justice in Transition" in all beneficiary countries which is expected to begin early 2018. DAI is a leading development company with an extensive EU portfolio and has offices in Brussels, London and the US. DAI Brussels is part of DAI Global and has extensive experience in implementing donor-funded technical assistance projects, especially with the European Union.

"Justice in transition" processes mostly involve lengthy, complex and political processes that span over years or even decades. As defined in the EU policy framework for support to transitional justice, transitional justice is characterised by four 'pillars': the right to justice, the right to reparation, the right to truth and guarantees of non-recurrence, including institutional reform. However, to date there have been only a limited number of programmes offering rapid response expert support to constitution-making, and formal or community-based transitional justice initiatives.

The objective of the action is to support third countries' justice processes during conflict, post-conflict and transition periods through the provision of short-term expertise particularly in the areas of constitution-making, restoration of justice for the population, and formal and community-based transitional justice processes. Furthermore, the action is expected to support the design and implementation of longer-term justice actions.

The direct beneficiaries of the foreseen action are mainly national authorities, victims' groups and civil society actors in conflict and post-conflict countries. The support will be channeled to Ministries, justice institutions, authorities and stakeholders, and in particular civil society, including at the grass root and community level, involved in transitional justice processes and victim participation. Other major stakeholders are international organisations, particularly in the UN family. The ultimate beneficiaries are the people of the countries affected by conflicts and abuses.

We welcome applications for Short Term Experts as well as Key Experts with skills and demonstrable experience in the above fields (constitution-making, restoration of justice for the population, and community-based transitional justice processes).

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