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UNICEF hiring Regional Child Protection Adviser

Switzerland, 06 February 2017

Purpose of the Position

The Regional Adviser, Child Protection reports to the Regional Director or Deputy Regional Director for general guidance and direction. The Adviser serves as an authoritative and expert adviser to the Regional Director, Deputy Regional Director, the Regional Management Team, Country Offices and Government institutions/officials on strategies, policies, approaches, best practices and knowledge on child protection and related issues to support programmeme development planning, implementation, management, resource mobilization, capacity building and knowledge management to achieve concrete and sustainable UNICEF contribution to national and international efforts to create a protective environment for children against all harm and to protect their rights to survival, development and well-being as established under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, international treaties/framework and UN intergovernmental bodies.

Key Expected Results

1. Regional advisory services and technical support on strategic planning/discussion

  • Advise key national government officials, NGO partners, UN system partners and other country office partners on policies, strategies, approaches and best practices on child protection and related issues, including emergency preparedness, to support programmeme development planning, management, implementation and delivery of results.

  • Participate in regional/country programmeme planning, preparation and review to provide advice on formulation, design, management, enhancement and communication of child protection programmemes including setting priorities and results-based management goals.

  • Participate in regional key events and strategic discussions to influence policy discussions and agenda setting on child protection and rights to survival, development and well-being in society.

  • Develop and/or recommend regional programmeme policy/papers, strategies and approaches. Lead and/or organize regional strategic discussions and planning on child protection and related programmememing issues. Contribute to NYHQ/Global programmememe policy/papers, strategies and approaches. Collaborate with NYHQ and other Regional Advisers/Country Offices on cross cutting issues to harmonize, link and/or leverage competencies.

2. Support to country offices on programmeme development and planning

  • Collaborate with Regional Management/Country Office teams throughout all stages of child protection programmememing to provide technical support to programmeme preparation, implementation and monitoring for results.

  • Provide policy guidance and technical support to national external partners/internal colleagues to develop national policies/strategies for UNICEF assisted programmemes including scaling up child protection programmemes.

  • Contribute to the planning and conduct/update of situation analysis to ensure that current and evidence based data on child protection issues are available to guide UNICEF's strategic policy advocacy, intervention and development efforts on child rights and protection and to set programmeme priorities, strategies, design and implementation plans.

  • Keep abreast of national/regional/international development priorities on child protection and rights to leverage UNICEF position and competencies with donors, national governments, communities and constituents to advocate/promote child protection interventions and policies and social change to achieve goals on child's right, protection, survival and well-being as productive members of society.

  • Provide technical advice to facilitate the preparation of the Country Office child protection programmeme recommendation and related documentation and to ensure alignment of programmemes goals with the overall UNICEF's Strategic Plans and regional strategies.

  • Consult and collaborate with national/global colleagues/partners/allies to develop partnerships framework to address specific needs and to leverage resources for enhancing/scaling up child protection programmemes/projects. Evaluate/facilitate synergy, integration, coherence, and harmonization of programmemes and projects with UNICEF Strategic Plans and priorities, donors' development strategies/policies, national priorities/competencies and UN System development interventions/initiatives.

3. Regional programmeme monitoring and assessment

  • Collaborate with HQ Advisers, Regional/Country Monitoring and Evaluation Adviser/Officers to establish benchmarks, performance indicators and other UNICEF/UN system indicators and measurement to assess/strengthen performance accountability, coherence and delivery of concrete and sustainable results on child protection programmemes.

  • Participate in major monitoring and evaluation exercises, programmeme reviews and annual sector reviews with government and other counterparts to assess progress and to determine and to provide advice on required action/interventions to achieve results.

  • Assess COs monitoring and evaluation reports to identify gaps, strengths/weaknesses in programmeme and management, identify lessons learned and use knowledge gained for development planning and timely intervention to achieve goals.

  • Submit/share assessments on child protection programmemes in country offices highlighting critical issues and suggestions for enhancing performance and delivery of sustainable results.

4. Innovation, knowledge management and capacity building

  • Promote critical thinking and introduce technological and programmeme innovations, approaches and good practices in the region for sustainable child protection programmemes/projects initiatives through advocacy and technical advisory services.

  • Keep abreast, research, benchmark, introduce and implement best and cutting edge practices in the region's child protection programmeme management and information systems. Institutionalize and share best practices and knowledge learned.

  • Identify, assess, vet and disseminate a roster of qualified experts and highly recognized institutions for easy access and use by stakeholders.

  • Lead and/or develop policies and procedures and introduce innovation and best practices to ensure optimum efficiency and efficacy of sustainable programmemes and projects.

  • Lead/plan/implement capacity building initiatives to enhance the competencies of clients/stakeholders to promote sustainable results on child protection programmemes and projects.

5. Advocacy, networking and partnership building

  • Build and strengthen strategic partnerships through networking and advocacy with regional/national government counterparts, UN system agency partners, donors, internationally recognized institutions, NGOs, funding organization, research institutes and private sector to reinforce cooperation and/or pursue opportunities to promote goals and achieve sustainable and broad results on child protection programmemes and projects.

  • Collaborate with/advise country offices in the region to develop strategies and implementation plans and activities for maximum communication impact and outreach to promote awareness, establish partnership/alliances and support resource mobilization for UNICEF and Country Office child protection programmemes and projects.

  • Participate and/or represent UNICEF (as delegated/designated) in key events/meetings and in inter-agency (UNCT) discussions and planning on child protection and related issues to ensure organizational position, interests and priorities are clearly articulated and fully considered/integrated in the UNDAF process in development planning and agenda setting. Collaborate with regional inter-agency partners/colleagues UNDAF planning and preparation of related programmemes and projects.

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