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FAO recruiting Forestry Officer

Rome, Italy, 06 February 2018

Organizational Setting

The Forest Policy and Resources Division leads FAO's work in promoting sustainable forest management and providing leadership on the environmental, social and economic dimensions of forestry, including its contributions to poverty reduction and food security and nutrition. It liaises with member countries, civil society and the private sector in aspects ranging from development of effective forest policies to forest conservation and management issues, and strengthens the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Division also collects, analyses and disseminates information on the world's forest resources and on the production, trade and consumption of wood and non-wood forest products.

The post is located in the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme Team, within the Forest Resources Management Team, Forestry Policy and Resources Division, FOA.

Funded by the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) and the 11th European Development fund (EDF) of the European Commission, the RESSOURCE project aims to significantly improve the state of the natural resources of the Sahelian wetlands for the benefit of local populations, particularly in terms of food security and local development. Waterbird populations are the natural resource targeted by the project.

The overall challenge of the project is to significantly improve the state of the natural resources of the Sahelian wetlands, particularly water bird populations, for the benefit of local populations in terms of food security and local development. Improving knowledge on the spatial and temporal dynamics of waterbird populations in relation to climate change, habitat modification and direct harvesting is one of the major challenges of the project because it will contribute to a better definition of public policies for monitoring and conserving global biodiversity. Because of their migratory nature, waterbirds are vectors of cross-border, technical and political collaboration. The project therefore also aims to improve North-South and South-South cross-border collaboration.

Key Results

Comprehensive technical and policy expertise to support the planning, development and implementation of Departmental/Division programmes, projects, products and services in accordance with Departmental/Division objectives and FAO Strategic Objectives.

Key Functions

  • Plans and leads components of multi-disciplinary teams, leads and/or participates on Organization-wide, cross-Departmental committees, project teams, and working groups and/or provides specialized expertise on technical networks and/or international technical policy and/or international technical policy and standard setting bodies.

  • Develops technical, analytical, monitoring and reporting frameworks, and related methodologies, tools, systems and databases etc. to support the planning, implementation/delivery and monitoring of programmes of work, projects, products and/or services.

  • Designs and conducts research, data collection, validation, analysis and/or reporting activities to support the development of technical standards, international instruments, innovative approaches and strategies, new tools, technologies, technical reports/publications, and/or policy proposals as well as the provision of technical/policy/ specialist/advice and expertise.

  • Responds to country requests for technical and policy assistance, provides technical advice, assistance and solutions to Decentralized Offices and provides technical backstopping to field projects.

  • Collaborates in, provides technical backstopping to and ensures the quality / effectiveness of capacity development and knowledge sharing activities within member countries such as policy support, organizational development and individual learning events including preparation of related information, learning materials, on-line tools.

  • Promotes international cooperation/advocates best practices, increased policy dialogue and provides technical expertise at international/ intergovernmental meetings.

  • Participates in resource mobilization activities in accordance with the FAO Corporate strategy.

Specific Functions

  • Manages the implementation of the RESSOURCE Project in close consultation with SWM programme Coordinator

  • Liaises with FAO Strategic Programme Management Team to ensure that the RESSOURCE project contributes to the implementation of FAO's Strategic Objective 2 (Make Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries more productive and sustainable) and Strategic Objective 3 (Reduce Rural Poverty)

  • Liaises with FAO technical officers and other FAO staff at FAO's headquarters and regional-/subregional/country offices in Africa, and South East Asia as well as with the implementing partners to ensure the provision of appropriate technical support services in accordance with the RESSOURCE project document

  • Oversees the management of funds under the project and the eligibility of expenditures incurred

  • Undertakes regular back stopping field missions to the RESSOURCE Project intervention sites and provides technical advice to facilitate smooth implementation of field activities

  • Acts as a Secretary of the Project Steering Committee, and supports national steering committees and task force meetings

  • Advises on communication and outreach activities at global and regional level

  • Oversees the preparation and implementation of Letters of Agreement (LoA) and contracts with the field partners

  • Performs other duties as required

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