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Tender: Effective Policy Framework for Climate Technology Transfer

Ukraine, 06 August 2015


The Bank is actively promoting investments and policies focused on climate technology transfer across all of its countries of operations. This activity is a result of the Bank’s Sustainable Resource Initiative ("SRI"), an umbrella initiative which promotes transition, efficiency and innovation enhancing competitiveness in three areas vital for its countries of operations: energy, water and waste. As part of this activity, the Bank has launched FINTECC in Ukraine ("FINTECC Ukraine"), which aims to develop and demonstrate innovative policy and technical assistance packages and support development of performance-based financing mechanisms to increase investment in climate technologies in Ukraine. Policy dialogue is an important component of the FINTECC Ukraine package. Overall, the policy component aims to improve legislation, policy and standards to strengthen the enabling environment for technology transfer and improved energy self-sufficiency in Ukraine. However, given the limited resources, it is necessary to focus the policy assistance on priority areas requiring immediate attention.

The Bank intends to engage a consultancy firm (the "Consultant") to provide policy support to the Government of Ukraine. The primary aim of the assignment is to support institutional, policy and regulatory policy dialogue to assist the Ukrainian government to design an effective policy framework for climate technology transfer (the "Project").

The main focus of the Project would be to:

  • evaluate the current status and gaps in Ukraine's implementation of the Eco-Design Directive (2009/125/EC) (the "Directive") and recommend the legislative, regulatory and other actions necessary to complete the implementation of the Directive; 

  • support the State Agency for Energy Efficiency ("SAEE") by drafting the necessary Legislation and Priority Regulations and assisting the State Agency for Energy Efficiency to secure inter-Ministerial approval and subsequent governmental adoption of the Legislation and Priority Regulations; and 

  • assist the State Agency for Energy Efficiency to embed energy efficiency into the public procurement rule books.

The Bank intends to award one Framework Contract to retain one consultancy firm to provide the above named consultancy services. The Framework Contract will establish, in advance, fee rates for experts, contract terms, agreements and procedures that will govern individual assignments ("Assignments" or "Call-off Notices") to be required to implement the Project. 


Submission Deadline: 26 August 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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