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Marine Bioeconomy Forum

Brussels, Belgium, 06 September 2017


EASME wishes to enter into a service contract to set up a "Blue Bioeconomy Forum" that will bring together a partnership of industry, public authorities, academia, and finance in order to strengthen Europe's competitive position in the emerging blue bioeconomy.

Drawing on the expertise from various sectors and disciplines related to the blue bioeconomy, the forum will bring together the maximum number of stakeholders, including representatives of business, government, civil society, academia and science.

The aim of the forum will be to develop a shared understanding of the current status of the emerging blue bioeconomy in Europe and to collectively identify strategic developments, market opportunities, appropriate financial assistance, regulatory actions and research priorities to advance the blue bioeconomy in Europe. The forum shall also seek to exploit synergies between blue bioeconomy sectors which can benefit from the innovative and optimal uses of aquatic biomass, by sourcing biomass for a particular purpose (e.g. to make animal feed) but especially by valorising and using the remainder for other applications (e.g. cosmetics).

To achieve these objectives the forum will deliver a pipeline of projects to be the basis for marketable products or services, as well as, a roadmap with concrete steps and recommendations to bring the pipeline of projects to fruition, enabling new connections and growth in the domain. The roadmap should fit into the overall bioeconomy policy context and inform future related developments.


  • Task 1 : Blue Bioeconomy Forum

  • Task 2: The pipeline of projects

  • Task 3: The roadmap


The following list shows the expected results in concise and approximate terms, so as to give a general idea of what will be requested from the contractor.

The results expected from this action are:

  • The Blue Bioeconomy Forum is operational with its steering group and working groups fully populated with active participation of its members;

  • The section on the Blue Bioeconomy on the EU Maritime Forum is operational and provides all the services as required by task 1.3; its usage is monitored and assessed. Separate pages are in place for the various activities/working groups of the forum;

  • A database of relevant stakeholders' contacts of the blue bioeconomy is set up and kept up to date;

  • Two stakeholders' events have been organised and stakeholders' feedback and input collected for the production of the roadmap and the project pipeline;

  • The project pipelines' database is available and populated with 5-15 projects. At least one project has been identified for The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP);

  • A final roadmap with concrete steps/recommendations and a timeline is available.

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