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UNICEF recruiting Consultant to Provide a Team Building Exercise

Panama, 06 December 2017


UNICEF LAC Regional Office is seeking to engage with a company/consultant/individual contractor to provide the Regional Office Staff a team building exercise aiming to work around the thematic of work/life balance and office efficiency and effectiveness.

Objective and Service Delivery

In the most recent Global Staff Survey carried out in March/April 2017, the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office (LACRO) staff responded negatively (less than 45% overall positive) to the topics related to work/life balance and office efficiency and effectiveness; more specifically the majority of staff in LACRO do not feel that workload is fairly distributed in the office, that workload is efficiently managed so that the staff can provide quality services, nor that the management has taken steps to improve work / life balance. These results reaffirm the importance of strengthening transparency, building trust in the management as well as amongst colleagues and in the office and its procedures regarding standards of conduct, promoting job satisfaction and providing means to improve efficiency in the office.

In this regard, we expect the identified supplier to design, organize and facilitate a tailor-made team building activity that is aimed at:

  • Reflection about how to improve work/life balance.

  • Improving skills about distribution of workload in the office.

  • Gaining trust amongst each other and in the management.


The selected supplier is expected to successfully facilitate an interactive and dynamic full day (8 hours) group session during the LAC Regional Office Retreat in Panama City, Panama. The activity should take place outside of the office and the daily business and shall be a positive, fun experience for the participants. Outdoor and / or adventurous activities are welcome.

The UNICEF team attending the retreat is composed of 100 people, from assistants to senior management staff.

The proposal shall include an agenda of the day, the content to cover during the session and the methodology to use.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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