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GFA Consulting Group recruiting Team Leader for Ocean Governance

Brussels, Belgium, 06 December 2018

Project title

Ocean Governance: Protecting and restoring marine ecosystems, catalysts for building peace and security and fostering sustainable economies South Asia and Atlantic Ocean basin

Project description

The EU is committed to take action on international Ocean Governance to ensure safe, secure, clean and sustainably managed oceans. As a contribution to this effort, the EU aims to set up through this support, firstly the protection and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and secondly the promotion of exchange of knowledge on the effective management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). As oceans have no borders, Marine Protected Areas can also play a catalytic role in promoting stability through fostering better cooperation and understanding between countries and communities across borders.

Building upon existing work, the action should focus on taking forward concrete cooperation for specific identified Marine Protected Areas and/or degraded coastal and marine ecosystems around two basins: the South Asian region and the Atlantic Ocean. The action is designed with separate but interlinked objectives for the two regions and cross-learning between them will be promoted. The action should interact with public-private partnerships, local/regional authorities, Marine Protected Areas networks of managers, business and local communities and provide opportunities for exchange and joint action.

Technical assistance will aim to reach the results described in the action fiche – annex 4 - adopted on the Annual Action Programme 2018 (http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/fpi/key-documents/index_en.htm)

The overall objective of this action is to increase the EU's role as a global actor in international Ocean Governance by fostering regional and interregional cooperation relevant to the protection and restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems.

  • The specific objectives are:

  • SO 1: to move forward a process leading to enhanced cooperation of Marine Protected Areas in and between the Atlantic and the South Asian regions;

  • SO 2: to support the implementation of marine and coastal ecosystem restoration activity in South Asia ;

  • SO 3: to facilitate broader regional cooperation on marine and coastal resilience in the South Asian region with a view to underpin regional stability; and

  • SO 4: to contribute to the effective management of Marine Protected Areas in the Atlantic and South Asian regions.

Job description

The Team Leader will have the strategic vision of the assignment, will supervise and coordinate the input of the key experts and short-term experts. S/he will advise on the identification and implementation of activities. This will include, among others:

  • Day-to-day technical and financial steering and monitoring of the implementation;

  • Ensure the timely preparation of the progress and annual reports and quality control of reports prepared by short-term experts;

  • Manage the international and national consultancy team to ensure effective and timely delivery of support;

  • Provide specific technical expertise in the field of ocean governance when and where necessary and appropriate;

  • Establish a permanent internal, technical and financial monitoring system;

  • Elaborate the project´s communication and visibility measures based on a specific Communication and Visibility Plan of the Action.

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