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International Organisation hiring Lecturers, Professors and Teacher Trainers

Riad, Saudi Arabia, 07 January 2015


As a federal enterprise, International Organisation supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Field of activity

International Organisation established the first Technical Trainers College (TTC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2009, an undergraduate higher education institution, comparable to a Fachhochschule in Germany, granting a Bachelor of Engineering Technology. Since August 2014, International Organisation has been managing the TTC within the framework of a business-oriented model.

With a target capacity of up to 1500 students, TTC is a large institution that presently employs more than 75 faculty members from more than 10 countries (for additional information: www.ttcollege.edu.sa). Typical students who study at this “Training of Trainers” institution towards a vocational teacher and trainer qualification are young people of Saudi Arabian nationality, between 20 and 28 years of age. English is the medium of instruction. Recently, along with the introduction of fully-modularized curricula, a trimester structure superseded the delivery of teaching in semesters. Standards of the Common Quality Assurance Framework (CQAF), serving as a benchmark on European level, are adhered to and have been accredited in Germany.

TTC currently offers four study programs, each with different specializations: Mechanical Technology, Electronics & Electrical Technology, Information & Communication Technology, and Business Administration & Management. In addition to technical education, students at TTC will enroll in Vocational Pedagogy courses, which are an integral part of curricula closely interwoven with studies in the respective subject discipline.


The teacher trainers will be lecturing in the field of Vocational Pedagogy.Teaching positions typically carry a teaching load comparable to German Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule). Previous teaching experience is essential. Responsibilities also include guidance of students during practical assignments, field visits and supervision of bachelor theses.


Starting date will be in August 2015. Contracts can be offered for the duration of probably two years with the option of renewal. Short-term assignments (one, two or three trimester) are also possible.

Submission Deadline: 22 February 2015

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