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UNESCO recruiting Senior Finance Officer

Paris, France, 07 March 2018


The Financial Policy and Compliance Section (FPC), in the Bureau of Financial Management (BFM) contributes to strengthening the internal control framework of the Organization and financial risk management through contributions towards policy direction/formulation/application, guidance and training and regular management and financial indicators preparation based on established monitoring mechanism.

The policy development and audit coordination functions of this post are part of the Organization's overall internal control and accountability framework. Under the overall authority of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and direct supervision from the Chief of Section, the incumbent will be responsible for the following key functions:

  • Act as a Senior Finance Officer/Head of Unit for UNESCO's financial policies and processes; be responsible for elaborating policy, guidance, training and technical assistance in areas under his/her purview, namely all financial management processes, excluding procurement.

  • Coordinate and review BFM responses to internal audits, Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) or related audits and reviews, as well as lead the donor accreditation processes; oversee responses to external audit recommendations, ensuring that these are complete and coherent.

  • Follow up on outcomes of audit/verification recommendations as well as requests from Governing Bodies; identify financial risk levels and prepare remedial action plans which include training, policy and guidance material development, as well as process simplification or re-design; follow up on the implementation.

  • Define "standard financial management training needs" and coordinate the development of standard financial management training packages.

  • Contribute to the knowledge sharing in areas under his/her purview, namely in areas of financial management and promote "best practices" internally and externally where required.

  • Supervise and monitor the work of the administrative Manual Secretariat

  • Act as UNESCO representative in related inter-agency networks and working groups and multi-agency business seminars as and when necessary.

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